Flight control structure

                             Flight control structure

Note: This flight control is small in size. Note that the positive could not connect to negative poles during welding, otherwise the flight control would be burnt out. The working voltage of the flight controller is 5-6V, which could be powered through the BSC output of the ESC, or be powered by the 5V output pin of the distribution board.

Flight control parameters section

BF firmware

Install Chrome
2.Download betaflight-configurator, download and decompress
Link: https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight-configurator
How to download: Right click on the green button Clone or Download-> download zip
3.Open Chrome, the upper right corner button, more tools -> Extensions
4.Check the developer mode, click on the load appears to be decompressed extension
5.Select the directory before decompression, installation on it

this is aonther link the technical department give me ,to set up the drone,may be it can help you

 Download more information here


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