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Tarot Multi Rotor Helicopter part: FY680 FY650 6-axis aircraft Inverted battery Rack Mount TL68B14


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Tarot Multi Rotor Hecacopter Part: FY680 FY650 6-axle RC Aircraft Inverted Battery Rack Mount TL68B14



Effect picture:(No battery included)


Tarot TL68B14 6 axle Aircraft FY680 Inverted Battery Rack

Tarot TL68B14 is suitable for (TL65B01/TL65B02/TL68B01/TL68B02), 4 axle, 6 axle rack battery fixed components, canbalance the rack position,  Overall lightweight design, exterior design has a strong impact of perspective.

Tarot TL68B14 Specifications:

  • Carbon fiber battery fixed side panels x 1 (100 x 45 x 1.6MM)
  • M10 silicone damping ring x