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QWinOut Leader-120 120mm Mini F3 OSD 2S RC FPV Racer Drone Quadcopter 700TVL Camera VTX Goggle 10A ESC 7500KV Brushless 2.4G 6ch BNF RTF Combo Set


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120mm Mini F3 OSD 2S RC FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter 700TVL Camera VTX Goggles 10A ESC 7500KV Brushless 2.4G 6CH BNF RTF Combo Set Assembly

(Please Check carefully the pictures when you make order the combo set you want, Difference combo set with different Electronic Configuration. If you have any questions about it, Please feel free to contact us. And we can support technical support if you have any idea about the diy drone, This is our personalized assembly customization. We are waiting to hear from you.)

Note:The color of the lining of the glasses will vary depending on the production lot and we will ship them at random.

Package included:

  • QWinOut Leader-120 120mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit *1    
  • Mini Tower F3 OSD Flight Control Integrated 10A 4in1 ESC  *1    
  • 1104 7500kv Brushless Motor *4    
  • 2840 3-Blades CW + CCW Propellers *10    
  • Flysky FS-i6 2.4G Transmitter + FS-A8S 8CH Receiver * 1  (Some combo set not include the Remote Controller system, Please confirm the combo as your request)        

  • 7.4V 2S 20C 450MAH Battery* 1  (Some Combo Set not include the Battery)    
  • IMAX RC B3 Pro Balance Charger * 1 (Some Combo Set not include the Charger)    
  • Mini HCF9 5.8G 48ch 25mw VTX Camera Transmitter OSD *1
  • Mini FPV Goggles 3 inch 480 x 320 Display Double Antenna 5.8G 40CH *1 (Some Combo Set not include the FPV Receiver)

  • Accessories bag * 1

  • Ultra-small Buzzer *1    

1. Forward/backward,Sideward flight,Turn left/right,Up/down,Hover,Self-stability, Buzzer, (The above functions have been set before shipment), This following functions need to be set by buyer: Ratio control Acro (caution to beginner), Automatic mode (AUTO) and so on.

2. Compatible with Flysky Remote Controller.
3. The aircraft frame is using high-strength drop-resistant carbonfirber/PCB material which provides better resistance to damage on hard landing, durable.
4. We provide the Mini Camera and FPV Equipment together, so that you can enjoy the Aerial photography experience.
5. Simple operation with manuals, do not need to make tedious setup and debugging to the Flight controller, simply assembled to fly.
6. Mini Tower F3 OSD Flight Control Integrated 10A 4in1 ESC, Easy to use, best choice for flight experience.

7. The first perspective of racing flight (Novice caution).

8. We have debugged and calibrated the flight control and ESC. It is no longer necessary to make complicated settings for the flight control, and it can be assembled simply by flying.

Brand: QWinOut
State of Assembly: Assembly/RTF/ARF/BNP/BNF Versions
Frame Wheelbase: 120mm

Flight Time: about 4 mins (the specific flight time depends on your flight action)

Frame Specification:

Item name:  Leader-120  FPV Racing Frame
Wheel base: 120mm
Material: Carbon fiber, PLA
Weight: about 18g

Size: 90mm * 113mm * 30.5mm; Upper Plate Thickness: 2mm; Buttom Plate Thickness: 3mm

Pay Attention:
When using the charger, please do not simultaneously charge the 2S and 3S batteries on the charger.
Do not understand the flight control and remote control, please do not modify any parameters and wiring.
Turn on the remote control before powering the aircraft. After the flight is over, unplug the power battery and then turn off the remote control to prevent accidents.
This aircraft is not recommended to fly indoors. It is recommended to fly in an open space to avoid flying in places where people and disturbances are present.
This RC model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years old.
Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it's advisable to be assisted by an experienced adult

Q & A:
1. How to connect the Flight control, GPS, receiver? How to calibrate GPS and flight control?
A: They are connected when you open the package. The Flight Control, and Remote Control (transmitter) are calibrated and tested. You only need to follow the instructions to assemble them.
2. Can we use other kinds of Motor and ESC? If yes, What kinds of Motor and ESC recommend? Can we change the Propellers?
A: Of course, we recommend the motor 1106 1306 1407 1506, ESC 10A-20A, 2.5 Inch to 3 inch Propellers.
3. Can I add PTZ and other FPV equipment?
A: Our products can be modified to upgrade, sports camera with gimbal is a good choice.
4. Is the product welded? Can RTF (Ready To Fly)?
A: Our products default motor, ESC are welding the banana head and ESC and sub-board welding together, do not need your hands-on welding. And Of course you can do RTF. But For RTF version, The shipping fee is more expensive, if you can pay the extra shipping cost and Pay a small service fee, we can give you RTF. Please message us if you need this service.
5. Can be used with larger capacity battery?
A: ESC support voltage in 2-3s, the maximum recommended capacity 500mah.
6. I do not like your remote control, can you change the remote control?
A: Yes, replace the remote control, the same set for you all the auxiliary flight mode, but will be little different with the instructions, After setting,we will inform you about the setting information in time.We will mostly brand of remote control and this flight control settings.
7. What kinds of flight environment is applicable to this quadcopter? Can I fly indoors?
A: This quadcopter is not suitable for indoor flight, it is recommended to fly outdoors and open areas, but please avoid interference with the crowd and the surrounding areas.

Flight Controller Parameter adjustment software:
Official website address :        

More Pictures Description:
RTF (Assembly) with Camera and FPV Transmitter and Goggles Receiver:



PNF with FPV Camera and Battery , But without Remote Controller System (Assembly) :


BNF with FPV Camera and Remote Controller ,But Without Battery (Assembly) :


DIY Drone Kit With FPV Camera But No Battery, No Remote Controller System (Assembly) :

Electronic Configuration:

120MM Frame Kit and Propellers: