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2 Pcs Hobbywing XRotor Pro 50A 4-6S Brushless speed controller ESC Multi-Rotor Aircaft For RC Drone Heli Aircraft


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2 Pcs Hobbywing XRotor Pro 50A Multi-Rotor Aircaft Brushless speed controller ESC For RC Drone Aircraft 

APAC means Asia-Pacifintegrated circuit Version,the offintegrated circuitial ESC sold in Asia-Pacifintegrated circuit areas

Name: Hobbywing XRotor Pro 50A Brushless ESC Asia-pacific Version


Model : XRotor-Pro-50A

Con.Current: 50A

Instant Current(10s):70A

BEC : No

Battery : 4-6S

Preferences :

LED Light : on/of

LED Color : Green / Red

   DEO       :  On/Off

Motor Rotation : CW/ CCW

Weight :56g

Size:      48 x 30 x 15.5 mm

Wheel base : 650mm


1.1  XPotor Multi-Rotor ,Enhance throttle response speed

1.2  Auto Adjust the angle, highly intelligent, without any parameter setting, the factory default settings to meet the vast majority of applications

1.3  Use synchronous rectification when the throttle is reduced, the ESC will reduce the active braking quickly click to the current accelerator throttle speed due speed to get better linear accelerator, can greatly enhance the attitude and heading stability multi-rotor aircraft, colleagues have a higher drive efficiency, reduce the temperature of the drive power transfer 

1.4  ESC base DIP switch design, adjustable LED on / off, LED light color (red / green), synchronous rectifier on / off, turn the motor, no additional accessories to complete the power transfer settings

1.5   ESC base with LED turn signals, via DIP switch light color, eliminating the need for additional wiring installed LED trouble, make the machine more compact

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