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Clearance ALZRC DM1531S CCPM Medium Digital Metal Servo For RC Helicopter Aircraft


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ALZRC DM1531S CCPM Medium Digital Metal Servo For RC Helicopter Aircraft

Using 1715-type 5-pole Coreless motor, 1715 large motors 'speed is quicker, steering torque is greater, and using life is longer than 1515 small motors.
Japan Noble 220°potentiometer,high accuracy,consistency,and one million times the high life potentiometer.
High resolution digital chip,stable performance,strong anti-interference ability,fast reaction speed,high precision,more delicate and smooth operation control.
Aluminum alloy shell, processed by high precision CNC, better protection of the actuator precision and cooling performance.
The whole metal gears, input and main gear wheel made of high strength material and hard iron manufacturing, reinforcing the strength and durability of gears, a higher degree of smoothness, even smaller gear virtual spaces.
Double bearing design, imported precision miniature bearing, a greater degree of protection gear concentricity and smoothness.
Function Description:

Suitable for Devil 500 Pro / Devil 505 FAST.
With the 1715 5-pole hollow cup motor, the 1715 large motor has faster steering speed, longer torque and longer service life than the 1515 small motor.
Adopt Japanese Noble 220 ° potentiometer, high precision, good consistency, 1 million high-life potentiometer.
High-resolution digital chip, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, fast response, high precision, and smooth and smooth operation control.
The outer casing is made of all-aluminum alloy casing and is formed by high-precision CNC machining, which better guarantees the precision and heat dissipation performance of the steering gear.
Taiwan imports all-metal gears, input wheels and main gears are made of high-strength iron materials, which strengthen the strength and wear resistance of the gears, higher smoothness and smaller gears.
The double-bearing design adopts imported precision miniature bearings to ensure the concentricity and smoothness of the gears to a greater extent.

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: DC4.8V-8.4V
Output torque / output speed:
- 8.4V -°
- 7.4V -°
- 6.0V -°
Dimensions: 35.9 (L) x 15 (W) x 31.9 (H) mm
Weight: 47g
Motor: Hollow cup 17x15mm
Potentiometer type: Japan Noble 220°
Chip Type: Number
Gear: all metal
Output teeth: 25T Φ5.9mm
Working frequency: 1520us / 333Hz
Housing: Aluminum alloy CNC housing
Bearing: 2BB
Overload protection: Yes
Resolution: 4096
Link line: 28AWG
Link line length: 220mm
Plug: FUT; JR Propo


Medium-sized digital metal steering gear for swashplates x 1
Hex steering arm x 1
Disc steering arm x 1
One rudder arm x 1
Cross steering arm x 1
Damping ring x 4
Damping ring copper sleeve x 4
Self-tapping screws (T2x12mm) x 4
Phillips screw (M3x6mm) x 1