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BETAFPV Meteor65 Lite Brushless BWhoop Quadcopter Lite 1S Flight Controller C02 Micro Camera VTX 65mm 1S 0603 16000KV Motor


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Meet the Meteor65 lite! Comes with 3 different motor versions which are 0603 16000KV, 0603 19000KV motors, and 0802SE 19500KV motors, and equipped Lite 1S FC with the BT2.0 connector, this quad gets a powerful dynamical system, and pilots can immediately notice how fantastic the 21.18g Meteor racer is at takeoff. Meanwhile, it feels amazing as you hover around indoors, then let it rip and haul around the house! 

Meteor65 Lite is a perfect spare quadcopter for the  Advanced Kit 2 owner. Pilots can use the radio transmitter and goggles with this smaller and more flexible 65mm Whoop Quad to get an amazing indoor flight experience!

Notice: The default receiver protocol in Meteor65 Lite is Frsky D8 protocol. The radio transmitter in Starter Kit 2 is Bayang protocol and NOT be compatible with this drone.


Bullet Point

  • Equipped with the BT2.0 connector, Lite 1S FC, and 0603 16000KV/19000KV motors (0802SE 19500KV motors), this quad gives plenty of power that pilots can totally use the indoor spaces as a small-scale acro playground.

  • The flight controller pre-soldered the BT2.0 cable, which can provide a more stable and powerful 9A continuous current and 15A burst.
  • For minimizing weight and optimal performance, it applies the perfect lightest combo with Lite 1S FC and C02 camera. 
  • By using the latest 0802SE 19500KV motors and 31mm 3-blade props, this kit provides you a completely different experience of a powerful indoor flight. 

  • Meteor65 lower profile frame is reduced 0.75g to 3.08g only. The battery slot is closer to the center of gravity for a smoother flying experience, and you will land on the motor screws instead of the battery.

  • The package comes with 2 lipo batteries, a BT2.0 charger & tester, an extra 1 set of props, 1 screwdriver, and a portable bag.  Meanwhile, we have also released a BT2.0 Battery charger for your needs.



  • Item: Meteor65 Lite Brushless Whoop Quadcopter

  • FC&ESC: Lite 1S Brushless FC

  • Frame: Meteor65 65mm 1S Brushless Frame

  • Motors: 0603 16000KV/19000KV Motor, 0802SE 19500KV Motor

  • Props:31mm 3-blade props (1.0mm Shaft)

  • Camera: C02 Micro Camera

  • VTX: M01 VTX

  • Receiver: Built-in Frsky D8

  • Battery: BT2.0 300mAh 1S Battery

  • Canopy: Canopy for Micro Camera

  • Flight time: 3-4min

  • Weight: 21.18g (without battery)

Classical Silverware Firmware FC

Meteor65 Lite drone comes with Lite 1S Brushless Flight Controller, stock classical Silverware Firmware installed. Pilots could tune the PID, change the rate value etc according to own needed. If you are the one that does not want too much OSD information when flying, the OSD information could be customed one by one. Change the OSD font to be more contrast. Add rate option in the OSD menu and pilots could choose according to their preference.

The usage of the Silverware firmware is different from the drones in Advanced Kit 2.


How to bind with the LiteRadio 2/LiteRadio 2 SE radio transmitter?

  • Make sure the LiteRadio 2/LiteRadio 2 SE is the Frsky version and works in Frsky D8 protocol (Red LED flashes 3 times before power on).

  • Press receiver button on the bottom of the FC and plug battery at the same time till receiver LED is solid on.

  • Press the BIND button on the back of the radio transmitter, bind is successful when receiver LED flashes.

  • Power up the drone again, if the data is successfully received, the receiver LED will be solid.

Notice: The LiteRadio 2 radio transmitter in Starter Kit 2 is Bayang protocol and NOT be compatible with this drone.

How to change flight mode?

The Silverware firmware use the channel combination to switch the flight mode. It is different from the operation in Starter/Adavanced kit. Please refer to the chapter "MANUAL FOR SWITCHING FLIGHT MODE" in the user manual for more details.

C02 Camera

C02 Camerais the lightweight camera customized for the weight-sensitive micro whoop drones, perfectly fits the Meteor65 and Meteor65 Lite. Adapted a 1/4'' CMOS sensor, 2.1mm lens for  800TVL resolution, and excellent latency. Packed with the micro canopy, protect your camera well in a hard crash. 



0802SE 19500KV Motor is a lightweight 1S motor, compared with the 0802 series brushless motors, it is not only significantly reduced the weight which is only 1.83g/pc but also ensuring the awesome performance of power and thrust. Lead wire soldered to the PCB, which allows you to repair it easier once it disconnected.

The lightest 1.8g Betafpv brushless motors - 0603 16000KV/19000KV Motor which will give strong power performance and bringing a longer flight time. At the same time, the cables are unified in black color, no need to distinguish between CW and CCW motors. Lead wire soldered to the PCB, which allows you to repair it easier once disconnected.


The lightest lower profile 65mm frame- Meteor65 frame is reduced 0.75g
to 3.14g only. The battery slot is closer to the center of gravity for a
smoother flying experience, and you will land on the motor screws instead of the battery. There are more options for colorful frames such as Beta-blue, mint-green, sakura-pink, mango-orange, etc.


BT2.0 Connector

BETAFPV exclusive designed BT2.0 connectorhas broken through the bottle-neck of PH2.0 connector. There is a graph of comparison between BT2.0 connector 1S 450mAh battery and Emax 1S 450mAh battery. The discharge current is 11A in this testing. You could see that it has a long time and improvement in voltage sag with BT2.0 connector, which brings better flight performance.

Not sure if it's worth switching BT2.0? Check more from Joshua Bardwell'video- Proof that the BT2.0 connector is better than PH 2.0


Much more choices of BT2.0 series accessories.
We know some the pilots might have a question about how to deal with the old PH2.0 1S battery. So we provide some accessories like BT2.0 connectors for those people who want to convert the PH2.0 connector to a BT2.0 connector. 

  • BT2.0 Connectors (10pcs)

  • 2S Whoop Cable Pigtail (BT 2.0)

  • BT2.0 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail

  • BT2.0-PH2.0 Adapter Cable

  • BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

  • BT2.0 450mAh 1S Battery

  • BT2.0 300mAh 1S Battery

  • BT2.0 260mAh 1S Battery


  • 1 * Meteor65 Lite Brushless Whoop Quadcopter

  • 2 * 300mAh 1S 30C Battery with BT2.0 connector

  • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

  • 1 * TypeC USB Cable

  • 1 *Customized Carry Case

  • 1 * Spare set 31mm 3-blade props (1.0mm Shaft)

  • 1 * Screwdriver

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