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QWinOut BLHeli 30A Brushless ESC SimonK 30A 2-4S Brushless ESC Speed Controller For RC Quadcopter F450 F550 Drone Model


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Suitable for PWM, PPM signal input has faster response and better linearity. Make your multi-axis flight more stable, can be among the ranks of high response, the effect is obvious, stable as a rock,

It can be easily put into the multi-axis pipe. The PCB copper thickness has been specially thickened, and the heat generation is small, so there is no need to worry about heat dissipation.


1). This hardware and SimonK or blheli firmware provide you with a perfect solution for multiple rotors;

2). Highest efficiency 100% N-FET design

3). The crystal oscillator has the highest accuracy (temperature will not affect the PWM operating range like other cheap ESCs);

4). Ultra-high refresh rate, the input signal is unbuffered, and the response speed exceeds 490Hz;

5). 16KHz motor frequency, which makes the motor respond the fastest and run quietly

6). Super simple, no programming is required except for the throttle range;

7). Suitable for remote control helicopters and four-axis aircraft.

PCB size: 50MM*13MM (60MM*13MM including main capacitor)

Weight: 23g

Operating voltage: 2-4S Lipoly

Response: 20-500Hz

Firmware: simonk / blheli The system is locked in the best state. The parameters cannot be set through the computer connection

Working current: 30A

Maximum current: 40A




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