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QWinOut DIY ZD850 Frame Kit with Landing Gear +5 in 1 Shock Absorber Brushless Motor ESC Propeller for RC FPV Drone Hexacopter


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DIY Accessory ZD850 Frame Kit with Landing Gear +5 in 1 Shock Absorber Brushless Motor ESC Propeller for RC FPV Drone Hexacopter 

Pacakge Listing :

ZD850 Full Carbon Fiber Frame Kit with Unflodable Landing Gear Foldable Arm *1

350KV Brushless Disk Motor high Thrust With Mount *6

2-6S Lipo 40A Brushless ESC Speed Controller *6

5 in 1 Shock Absorber Damping Plate Integrated Power Module *1

Three-hole Carbon Fiber 15x5.5 1555 Propeller CW CCW *3 Pairs

Hook & Loop Fastening Tape TREX 500 600 *1

1m Black and Red 16AWG Silicon Wire Connecting Wire *1

XT60 Male with Wire 14AWG 10cm *1

Spacifications :

----------Z850 Frame Kit ------------

Arm with upturned 5 ° force to play to the extreme, larger diameter 20mm carbon tube.
Aluminum Folding, Nylon Clamp (Tightened Clamp) 8 hole motor mount, compatible with more motors.
Motor Block Diagonal wheelbase of about 850mm, maximum support 16-inch paddle.
Center plate size 245mm * 180mm more space, the middle plate height of about 35mm.
Hook head with 10 * 330mm long carbon tube, can be free to stretch the length you want, with the porous bit PTZ board.
Tripod with a diameter of 16mm carbon tube, height 350mm, tripod crossbar 500mm, more stable grounding area.
Tripod with double-tube carbon fiber as support, bear the force of more than 50kg.

20mm carbon tube arm
16mm + 10mm carbon tube tripod
3.0 mm botton center plate
1.5mm upper center plate
Aluminum alloy folding pieces
Nylon mixed carbon pipe clamp
Plastic tripod connection (force 50kg)
The net weight of frame kit  is about 1210g

----------350KV Brushless Motor------------

1, the use of a hidden motor shaft design, more effective protection of the motor shaft.

2, the use of a new type of propeller design, performance is more stable, demolition is more convenient.
3, the use of the 0.2mm stator, the load temperature lower, increase in efficiency.
Excellent workmanship, quality assurance, energy saving high efficiency
----------40A Brushless Motor------------
1.1  Rotor dedicated program, fast throttle response, beyond the various types of open source software; 
1.2 Specifically optimized firmware disc motor, the motor has a very good compatibility;
1.3 Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use;
1.4 Throttle signal line is a twisted pair, copper wire to reduce crosstalk signal generated within the transmission, so that more stable flight;
1.5 Supports up to 621Hz refresh rates up to the throttle signal, compatible with a variety of flight control (Note: More than 500Hz signal of the throttle throttle are all non-standard signal)
1.6 Use MOSFET special driver chip, performance and stability far beyond the driving circuit with discrete components built
1.7 Ultra-low resistance MOSFET, strong resistance to current capacity;
1.8 Exquisite plastic case back with high brightness LED navigation lights
1.9 Power transfer comes on the back of the micro DIP switch for setting LED navigation lights on / off, LED light color, into the steering angle and the motor.

----------5 in 1 Shock Absorber Damping Plate Integrated Power Module------------
- Distribution panel, current and voltage sensors, 5VBEC, 12VBEC, damping plate, 5 in 1, copper thickens, over current can reach 90a, and integrates the current and voltage sensors and support 3S-6S input current. Voltage is suitable for APM, PIX and others, also with 12V and 5VBEC, BEC increased the level of LC filtering, greatly reducing the power output of the ripple, 12V and 5V output is more pure, 12V and 5V support 3A current.
- New ideas, using black heavy gold PCB board, the APM power module and ESC distribution board are integrated into the damping plate, a multi use, can let your aircraft to reduce unnecessary wiring and power module plug can be in line the public version of the APM2.5/2.6/2.8 and PIXHAWK flight control

- 5 in 1 (Power distribution board, current / voltage sensor, 5V &; 12V BEC, shock absorber)
- Suitable for APM and PIX flight control.
- All these function integrating in one black PCB board. Max current up to 90A,with the current voltage sensor will support 3S-6S power input.
- Pure 5V/12V output, sustain 3A current, we add one level LC filter to BEC for reducing ripple when power on.
- 5 in 1 design saving unnecessary cables for your aircraft.
Power module can be inserted to APM2.5/2.6/2.8 and PIXHAWK flight control directly.20170622_140645_06220170622_140645_06320170622_140645_06420170622_140645_066