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QWinOut A2212 930KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 15T + 30A Speed Controller ESC ,RC Aircraft KK Copter UFO


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QWinOut A2212 930KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 15T + 30A Speed Controller ESC ,RC Aircraft KK Copter UFO

- QWinOut A2212 930KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 15T with 3.5mm Male Banana Bullet for RC DIY Aircraft Multi-Copter Quadcopter Drone

Already solded with 3.5mm Male banana connectors, effectively avoid welding problems.
A2212 930KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 15T with Mount
Suitable for DIY RC Quadcopter Helicopter Copter KKmulticopter 4-Axis/6-AXIS Aircraft UFO

Brand: QWinOut
KV: 930rpm/V
Weight:  47g
Min Current:  4A
Max Current 10A
Max Efficiency: 80%
No. Of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
Motor Dimensions: Φ27.5 x 30mm
Shaft Diameter: Φ3.17mm

- QWinOut 2-4S 30A RC Brushless ESC Simonk Firmware Electric Speed Controller with 5V 3A BEC with 3.5mm Female Banana Bullet for 2 to 4s Lipo Battery, DIY Multicopter Quadcopter

NOTE: 1. was soldered with 3.5mm Female banana connectors, effectively avoid welding problems; 2. We have set up the program, the ESC do not need additional program
Input voltage:2-4 S; BEC: 5V 3A; Working current: 30A
Universal SimonK Firmware 30A ESC Brushless Speed Controller,super simple. Small size combined with light weight for easy installation.
Military standard capacitor of extreme low resistance increases the ability of prevention of unwanted RF noise during flying. Extreme low resistance PCB is helpful for getting a super current endurance capability.
Microprocessor uses separate voltage regulator IC, with good anti-jamming capability.

100% Brand New !
Brand: QWinOut
Working current: 30A
Output: Continuous 25A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs
Input Voltage: 2-4 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NIMh battery
BEC: 5V 3A
Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM. (BLM: BrushLess Motor)
Size: 45mm (L) * 25mm (W) * 11mm (H)
Weight: about 25g

Compatible for:
DIY FPV KK MK MWC RC Quadcopter Hexacopter Multi-Rotor Aircraft;
210 360 450 Helicopter;
380 f450 f550 and other four-axis six-axis fixed-wing drone.

1.Safety Arming Feature: Regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected.
2.Throttle Calibration: Throttle range can be configured to provide best throttle linearity, fully compatible with all market available transmitters.
3. Programmable Items: Brake Setting: brake enabled / brake disabled. Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or LiPo) / Ni-xx(NiMh or NiCd). Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cutoff Mode): Gradually reduce the output power / Cutoff the output power. Low Voltage Cutoff Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold): low / medium / high. Start Mode: normal / soft / very soft. Timing: low / medium / high. Reset: reset all the programmable items to their default settings.
4. Full Protection Features: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal lost protection.

Each Set include: 1 x Motor + 1 x ESC

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