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HobbyEagle A3 V2 Aeroplane Flight Controller Stabilizer System 6-axle Gyro for RC Airplane Fixed-wing Copter +FS


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HobbyEagle A3 V2 Aeroplane Flight Controller Stabilizer System 6-axle Gyro for RC Airplane Fixed-wing Copter +FS

Product specifications, latest firmware, PC-side software, please go to the official website to download
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One-click Hover, Self-hover.
Standard wing type, Delta-wing and V-tail.
Remote Master Gain.
Servo Frequencies: 50Hz/125Hz/250Hz;
Separated gain adjustment for each flight mode.
Automatic stick centering.
HV (7.4) operating voltage supported.
Futaba S.Bus / S.Bus 2 supported.
Easy to use, extremely well-suited to beginners.

One-click Hover and Auto-hover

A new flight mode which we call Auto-hover was added in new A3. When operating in this mode, the self-balance ability will be applied to both elevator and rudder. The plane can hold its hover attitude without any control except the throttle.



After switching to auto-hover flight mode, you only need to control the throttle to maintain enough pulling force for the plane. This mode can be used to reduce the difficulty of hover practice.



Auto-balance Level Flight

The auto-balance mode is designed especially for the beginners or FPV applications. When operating it in this mode, the controller will help the plane achieve level flight automatically. It can be also used to recover the plane from any other attitudes, or help to get a stable takeoff and landing.




The new A3 series provides 5-channel inputs and 3-channel outputs. You only need to connect the receiver and servos to the corresponding pins on the side of the controller. The knobs are used to adjust the gain for each flight mode, clockwise for increase, anticlockwise for decrease. Futaba's S.Bus and S.Bus 2 are supported by new A3 series now.







A3 Setting Menu

When the controller is working, press and hold down the button for more than 2 seconds can enter the setting menu, all settings are completed by the button. Please consult the manual for more details.



Installation Cases

The new A3 series can be attached flat or upright, to maximize the use of space for your plane.

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Package Contents

The box already contains 4 receiver wires and 2 pieces of double-sided tapes.


Caution Notes

Please confirm the 13-bit unique product series number (S/N) on the bar code label when purchasing. This number can be verified at our website and it is also required in the after-sale service, please keep it securely!
Before power on, put the aileron, elevator and rudder sticks in the middle position. The controller needs to perform self-calibration and stick centering after you plugging the battery, the LED will keep blinking Blue rapidly for about 3 seconds while calibrating, just don't move the plane and the sticks until the initialization is done.
It's extremely important to verify that the gyro reacts in the correct direction before flight, or it could lead to losing control or even crash during flight!
You need to restart the controller after changing the receiver type to make new setting take effect.
Never use the delta-wing or V-tail mixing functions of your transmitter.
The new A3 series supports a wide working voltage from 5 to 7.4V, you can use HV receiver or servo directly.
The radio control models are not toys. The propellers rotate at high speed and pose potential risk, please carry out debugging and flying in open space far away from the crowd. The beginner should be directed by someone experienced.


Input Voltage: 5 to 7.4V
Servo Travel: 1520 ± 500μs
Gyroscope: ± 2000dps
Accelerometer: ± 4g
Operating Temp: -40 ° ~ 85 °
Size: 43 × 27mm
Weight: 11 g