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QwinOut F4 Flight Control F4 PDB STM32 Integrated OSD 5V BEC Flight Controller for Reptile Martian II 220mm QAV-X 214 Drone


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This is a use of STM32F405 with MPU6000 mainstream FPV small chassis with flight control, input voltage 2S-6S, BEC-5V output comes with 3A current, to support the market mainstream PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2 / DSMX and so on machine. LED_STRIP interface, active buzzer interface. Integrated OSD function, support OSD parameters, support for the latest DSHOT ESC.


Factory default firmware: betaflight_3.2.0_OMNIBUSF4SD


Hardware Configuration:


Master: STM32F405RGT6




Receiver: Support PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2 / DSMX and so on


LED_STRIP interface


Active buzzer interface


No black box


Built-in ammeter, current detection


OSD interface


Comes with BEC 5V 3A


Overall dimensions 42 * 36MM (including wire bonding pad length)


Screw hole spacing 30.5 * 30.5MM


Diameter 4.1MM


Weight 9.3 grams


Note: As before many customers reflect  that the board has unstable shake problems  with ICM20608 sensor,  then now we use MOST Stable  chip  MPU6000  on the board.


New F4 flight control:


1. Using OMNIBUSF4 firmware


2. Master STM32F405 GRT6 refresh rate up to 8K.


3.PCB 3OZ copper thickness to enhance current stability and rapid cooling


4.BEC 5V3A output


5. Exposed pads for easy soldering and discarding traditional distribution boards.


6 compatible with all the ESC market


7. Flight Control IMU integrated OSD without brushing independent firmware, support BF ground station reference OSD


8. Integrated galvanometer, real-time monitoring current power consumption and other data


9. You can use the remote control to adjust the OSD data such as flight control PID


10. Open ports can be adjusted from the OSD map, such as power, frequency band, frequency (support for the function of the map such as Black Sheep Legend, and the upcoming DYS map)


11.F4 flight control using an independent four damping ball, can filter out the vibration of the motor, so that flight experience better


ESC M1-M4: Connect the power cord


V + -V-: corresponding to the ESC power line positive and negative, with '-' for the ground.


B + - B-: Lithium battery input


BOOT: BOOT button (used as brush firmware)


+5 V: With 3A output, can be connected to the picture, receiver, camera.


GND: Ground


Vout: video output, then picture transmission image signal line


Vin: video input, then camera signal cable


LED: Programmable LED_Strip signal line output


RX6 (S): Connect the SBUS receiver here


RX1 (D): Connect DSM2 / DSMX / IBUS receiver here


PPM: Here PPM receiver


VBAT: Wide voltage picture positive power supply (with battery voltage synchronization), where the voltage is the power voltage


BUZ +, BUZ-: BB ring at the line (only supports active buzzer, distinguish between positive and negative)


RX3, TX3: Serial port URAT3




1 X Omnibus  F4  PDB Flight Control  

4 x Anti-vibration Rubber Ball


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