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GEPRC GEP-CP Rack Large Space Drone Frame FPV Model Freestyle Small Four-axis Rack


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GEPRC GEP-CP Rack Large Space Drone Frame FPV Model Freestyle Small Four-axis Rack

The GEP-CP is a 2-inch rack for card recording. The simple and meticulous body design, precise CNC CNC machining, and multiple data-tested paddle protection frames have made the GEP-CP a superior rack.

The overall body chamfering treatment, the flight control hole position and the card recording hole position are all equipped with silicone shock absorption, which can effectively reduce the vibration and allow the player to take a more stable and smooth picture when using the card recording. Aviation 7075's aluminum high-precision CNC protection aluminum parts fully protect the lens. The rear is equipped with 3D printing parts, equipped with LED lights, which can be changed by the flight control light group.

Large space cabin, the overall assembly process is simple and no pressure. All aspects of the heart believe that players can enjoy the fun of crossing the machine when assembling and flying.

1.GEP-CP product specifications:

Brand Name: GEPRC
Product Name: GEP-CP
Rack type: H type
Maximum support paddle: 2inch
Wheelbase: 115mm
Size: 80*109mm
Weight: 50g
Floor thickness: 3mm
Roof thickness: 3mm
CNC: High precision 7075 aluminum

2. GEP-CP products include:

1 x backplane 3.0MM
1 x top board 3.0MM
4 x aluminum parts titanium color
4 x paddle protection frame
1 x XT30 power cord
1 x capacitor
1 x 3D print
1 x battery mat
1 x tripod cushion
2 x 2.4g antenna protection tube
2 x battery cable tie
1 x LED light
1 x rod copper tube antenna (inner needle)
1 x L type screwdriver 1.5mm
2 x receiver cable

2 inch recommended configuration:

Flight Control: F4/F7
Motor: 1104~1207
ESC: 20A-35A
Battery: 4S 450mAh ~ 4S 650mAh

1. Exquisite design, durable structure
2. Fully efficient and efficient paddle protection frame to ensure high efficiency while protecting
3. Full body chamfering
4. Large space cabin position, more comfortable installation
5. The flight control hole has its own damping ring to reduce the flight control pressure.
6. Aviation 7075 aluminum parts to protect the strength of the fuselage
7. High quality 3K twill carbon fiber board, high precision CNC machining

8.YFS screw, 12.9 hardness, hard and non-slip