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GEPRC GEP-HX2 FPV Freestyle Racing Rack 110mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit For RC Racer Quadcopter


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GEPRC GEP-HX2 FPV Freestyle Racing Rack 110mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit For RC Racer Quadcopter

Model GEP-HX2, nickname Hummingbird, 110mm wheelbase, suitable for 2-inch paddles. Minimal body, so you are not limited by the space of the flight environment. Bionic structure design, the shape is like a hummingbird, the center of gravity is concentrated on the abdomen of the machine, the exquisite lines of the arm are full of strength, three 7075 aluminum columns with high-strength YFS screws and well-designed carbon fiber board (3k Carbon), Makes the body totally natural, the camera protection board, can protect the camera from being damaged. GEP-HX2 perfectly supports Runcam Micro Swift camera (recommended) and most common CMOS lenses on the market

1.3K high-strength carbon plate, high-precision CNC, ensure the frame is strong
2. Well-designed carbon fiber concrete structure to ensure the stability of the fuselage
3. True X structure for racing and Freestyle Fancy flights
4.20-50 degrees adjustable camera angle, two kinds of camera installation method (Runcam and ordinary CMOS lens)
5. The arm is about 7mm wide and 3mm thick, with extremely low drag coefficient
6. Rack wheelbase 110mm, wider airflow through
7.YFS screw, 12.9 grade hardness, guaranteed not to slip
8. Non-slip stickers under the fuselage to effectively prevent the battery from falling
9. Thicken camera protection board to protect your camera from damage during impact
10. The overall body is light and the structure is strong and reliable. It is the best choice for your small FPV.
11. Weight 16g
Recommended configuration (not included):
Flight Controller: F3 / F4 / Naze32 / CC3D
Motors: 1104/ 1105/ 1106 / 1306
Propeller: 2inch

Battery: 2S 450mAh ~ 3S 450mAh