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GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant True X Freestyle FPV Frame 243MM Wheelbase Carbon Fiber for RC Racing Drone Quadcopter


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GEPRC GEP-KX5 Elegant True X Freestyle FPV Frame 243MM Wheelbase Carbon Fiber for RC Racing Drone Quadcopter

Structurally, the most important feature of “elegance” is the balance of the center point of the battery, so that the center of gravity of the battery is centered. This design is conducive to turning the hand during the competition and is not easy to drift. In addition, this kind of design has even more equal force, so that the four motors all provide average power, reduce the amount of heat generated by the motor, and increase the efficiency of battery use. And we used a 243mm large wheelbase, TrueX design, a relatively wide wheelbase ratio, so Freestye do more texture movement, but also can reduce the airflow disturbance generated by each paddle, so that the flight is more smooth and smooth.

In the materials used, all carbon plates use full 3K pure carbon fiber sheets and high-precision CNC integrated arms. In the camera and video deck, we selected the 7075 model high-strength aerospace aluminum for high-precision machining and fine-grained joints with the carbon plate, which increases the hardness by 50% over the traditional carbon plate design. This makes the pilot more bold and confident to fly, and it is not easy to crash equipment. However, we still control the weight at 115g.

On the electronic equipment, 『Elegant』 is equipped with LED taillight board (including buzzer, need CF/BF support) and PDB distribution board, integrated XT60, with BEC (5/12v output), which greatly reduces the difficulty of the installer. The whole machine uses YFS screws, 12.9 strength, not easy to rust, strength is enough.

1. The battery is placed above the arm, symmetrically distributed with the upper and lower fuselage, the center is centered in the overall center, the flying feel is real, the output of each axis motor is more balanced, the efficiency is higher, and the risk of battery damage during collision is reduced at the same time.
2. The camera and video recorder use #7075 aviation aluminum alloy, high-precision CNC to ensure the appearance of strong
3. Full 3K carbon fiber board high-precision CNC machine arm, simple structure, 14mm narrow arm design, smaller wind resistance
4. Front and rear aluminum support, side plate and aluminum pieces, solid structure, effective protection of the body's internal electronic equipment, tail square aluminum column fixed LED tail light board, integrated look for buzzer, practical appearance
5. True X structure for racing and Freestyle Fancy flights
6. 6 2812 taillights and integrated bb ring, flight process lighting cool, buzzer easy to find the aircraft
7. The motor base has a prominent edge design, which protects the motor in the event of a collision and adds a new limit for the motor cable. The motor wire is better positioned under the arm and is more aesthetically pleasing. It better protects motor wires and ESCs.
8. 2mm thickness floor, to ensure that the flight control and other parts of the fuselage are not damaged in the collision and landing
9. YFS screw, 12.9 level hardness
10. Comes with a PDB distribution board, integrated XT60, with BEC (5/12v output)

Name:GEP-KX5 Elegant
Weight: 115g
Wheelbase: 243mm
Applicable paddle size: 5inch
Size: 205*205mm
Arm thickness: 4mm
Floor thickness: 2mm
Side plate thickness: 1.0mm
Recommended configuration:

Flight Control: F3/F4/Naze32/CC3D
Motor: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
ESC: 20A-35A
Paddle: 5inch
Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh