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GEPRC GEP-LC7 Crocodile 315mm 7 Inch 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Big Space Strong Endurance Rack for DIY FPV RC Drone Quadcopter


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GEPRC GEP-LC7 Crocodile 315mm 7 Inch 3K Carbon Fiber Frame  Big Space Strong Endurance Rack for DIY FPV RC Drone Quadcopter


The Crocodile 7 is a 7-inch wheelbase traversing machine designed for long-haul voyages with a wheelbase of 315mm. The larger wheelbase means more stability with long-haul flight. Of course, it is compatible with 6-inch and 7-inch propellers.

The Crocodile 7 is also very adaptable. The front section of the rack is designed to be compatible with two sizes of FPV and HD video in one of the two sizes (30.5*30.5, 20*20) on the market. In line with the needs of more players for the integrity of the flight video, no additional configuration settings are required. If you are looking for better video effects, we will also introduce additional video equipment fixed accessories for the convenience of players.

The video and antenna are protected by 3D printing. The 3D printing part at the rear also has an independent GPS installation position. The installation of GPS can bring safer flight for long-distance navigation. The GPS installation size of the tail is considered as the market. BN-220 size reference. The arm has a 5mm narrow arm and the strength is guaranteed while ensuring more thrust lift. Ample cabin installation space, allowing players to enjoy DIY!

GEP-LC7 product specifications:
-Brand name: GEPRC
- Product Name: Crocodile Crocodile
- Rack model: GEPRC GEP-LC7
- Wheelbase: 315mm
-Maximum support paddle: 7 inches
-Lens support size: 19mm
- Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
- Floor thickness: 2.5mm
- Arm thickness: 5mm
- Weight: 37g

GEP-LC7 recommended configuration:
-Flight control: F7/F4/F3/Kiss/RF
-Motor: 2207-1500~1700KV / 2306-1500~1700KV / 2407-1300~1700
- ESC: 40A-60A
- Propeller: 7inch
-Battery: 6S 2200mAh ~ 6S 2600mAh

1 -7 inch wheelbase, more suitable for long-distance flight shooting
2 - Two sizes of FPV and HD video combo modules can be installed to make it easy for players to shoot videos
3 - Large wheelbase avoids the problem of two-in-one video to see the slurry
4 -TPU high toughness, wear resistant material protection lens and tail antenna
5 -GEPRC GEP-LC series frame, full 3K carbon fiber board, strong and resistant to falling.
6 - Independent GPS mounting position, tilt design, stronger signal reception during flight
7 - Ample cabin installation space
8 -5mm narrow arm design for increased lift

Package includes

GEP-LC7  quadcopter frame * 1 set