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GEPRC Mark3 T5 Wheelbase 225mm True X Arm 4mm Carbon Fiber & CNC Frame Kit for Freestyle FPV RC Racing Drone DIY Parts


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GEPRC Mark3 T5 Wheelbase 225mm True X Arm 4mm 5 Inch Carbon Fiber & CNC Frame Kit for Freestyle FPV RC Racing Drone DIY Parts

Mark3-T5 is true x unibody design.
Mark3 is a comprehensive frame, which has three types of different arm structures, namely, whole unibody design true X-type,replaceable arms h-type and the latest replaceable arms HB (front stretch X and back true X).The new arm structure is a hybrid.The model, which can be controlled more accurately when turning rapidly, will have more advantages.
The structural design of the fuselage USES a combination of carbon fiber plates and aluminum parts,which can act like a car hood flip (quick maintenance and replacement of equipment).The lens protection adopts 7075 aviation grade aluminum as the protection,installation size is 29*29. Position is more compact and the protection is more comprehensive.Movable 5.8g antenna is fixed and installed, which can be adjusted to the right Angle at will.
The appearance design of the model, high precision carbon fiber CNC combined with 7075 grade aluminum, to build a durable structure.
Mark3-T5 Specifications:               
Brand name:GEPRC
Item name:Mark 3-T5        
Frame type:True X type  
Propeller : 5inch
Motor to motor:225mm        
Base plate:4mm
Side plate : 3mm
Top plate:1.5mm

Mark3-T5 Includes:
1 x 4mm 5inch base plate
2 x 3mm side plate
1 x 1.5mm top plate
1 x 1mm 20*20mm flight controller plate
1 x 1mm receiver plate
1 x 1.5mm Lipo protection plate
1 x 7075 Aluminum Camera Protector
1 x Camera No-Slip Silicone Pad
1 x Lipo foam pad

3 x M3*18.5mm  Aluminum alloy standoff  Titanium color
4 x M3*12 YFS Button Screw
8 x M3*10 YFS Button Screw
2 x M3*6 YFS Button Screw
2 x M3*10 Flat Screw
3 x M2*5 Cap Screw
3 x M2 Gasket red
4 x M3 Nylon nut
6 x M3*5+6 Nylon standoff     
2 x 20*220 GEPRC Lipo strap
1 x 2.4g Antenna fixed tube

Recommended:(Not included)
Flight Controller:RF/Kiss/F4/F3
Motor: 2205/2206/2207/2305/2306
Lipo: 3S 1300mAh ~ 6S 1500mAh

1.    Unibody true X Frame
2.    Beautiful appearance design,durable in crashing
3.    Hood engine room design,Quick maintenance and replacement of equipment
4.    Ample space for electronic installation
5.    With 25 ° Camera mount
6.    Center Stack Mount 30.5x30.5mm,It is also equipped with a 20x20mm flight controller plate
7.    High quality 3K twill carbon fiber plate, high precision CNC processing,7075 aluminum alloy
8.    YFS screw, 12.9 grade strength, non-slip teeth, anti-rust