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GEPRC SPAN F4 Tower FPV40A 4 in 1 ESC Stable Flight Tower for DIY FPV Drone Quadcopter


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GEPRC SPAN F4 Tower FPV40A 4 in 1 ESC Stable Flight Tower for DIY FPV Drone Quadcopter 
Model:SPAN F4 Tower
Size: 36x36x14mm
Mounting holes: 30.5mm
Installation height:14mm
Use MPU6000 as Acc & gyro over SPI Bus
Toal weight:21g(FC+ESC)
Firmware Version: OMNIBUSF4SD
High precision CNC heat sink.
On-Board LC Filter for clear video images
Practical Easy to access connectors
Configurable Choose to use connectors
Professional Symmetrical, Neat and Tidy and Easy to install in Most of Farme.
Micro USB socket
Integrated VTX with audio (48CH) (OFF/25/200/600mW adjustable power video transmission)
STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode, less CPU using, faster rate
TX control ready via Furious FPV / IRC Tramp peripheral protocol
ESC Board:
Model: GEP-BS40A-4IN1
PDB: Integrated
Battery Monitoring: Integrated
FC Power: Integrated
Input Voltage: 2~5S Lipo
Maximum continuous operating current: 4*40A
Maximum instantaneous operating current (4*45A(5 Seconds))
Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Multishot modes, the latest Dshot 150/300/600
Firmware Version:BLHeli_S/Dshot 150/300/600 16.6(G_H_30)
1 x FC Board
1 x ESC board
1 x Antenna
1 x Capacitor
1 x MMCX Antenna for easy replacement and upgrades
1 x 4pins JST-SH sockets (PPM, PWM, SERIAL RX, GPIO, ADC, 3V, 5V, GND)
1 x 4pins JST-SH sockets with BUZZER & WS2811 RGB LED
1 x 4pins JST-SH socket for Video and Audio transmission 

1 x power wire XT60