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HAKRC 20*20mm Flight Controller F722/F405 DM MINI 3-6S Barometer Gyroscope Dual BEC 5V/3A 9V/2.5A for FPV Racing Drone RC Models


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HAKRC 20*20mm Flight Controller F722 DM MINI 3-6S Barometer Gyroscope Dual BEC 5V/3A 9V/2.5A for FPV Racing Drone RC Models


Brand: HAKRC

Item Name: F722 Mini 3~6S Flight Controller

Size: 31 * 30 * 8mm Package size: Φ 62 * 33mm Installation hole distance: 20 * 20MM, φ 4mm Weight: 6g Package weight: 20g Processor: stm32f722ret6 Gyroscope: mpu6000 B E C:5V/3A ; 9V/2.5A Memory: 16MB Input voltage: 3-6s Firmware: betaflight_ 4.1.0_ MATEK722 UART serial port: 5

Packing list:F722 DM flight control mainboard x1 damping ring x4 8p soft silicone cable x1 DJI HD image transmission cable x1


Brand: HAKRC

Item Name: F405 Mini 3~6S Flight Controller

Size: 31*28*8mm

Packing size: Φ62*33mm

Installation hole distance: 20*20mm

Hole diameter: φ4mm

Weight: 6g

Package weight: 20g

Processor: STM32F405RGT6

Gyroscope: MPU6000

B E C: 5V/3A; 9V/2.5A

Storage: 16MB

Input voltage: 3-6S

Firmware: betaflight_4.1.0_MATEKF405

Uart serial port: 5

Packing list:

F405 DM flight control motherboard x1,

Damping ring x4,

8p soft silicone wire x1,

DJI HD image transmission cable x1


Instructions for use (required)

1. There are many flight control integration functions, and the components are very dense. When installing, please do not use tools (such as pointed nose pliers or sleeves) to screw the nuts, which will easily scratch the hardware of the flying tower and cause unnecessary losses. The correct way is to press the nut with your finger, and the screw driver can quickly tighten the screw from the bottom. (don't be too tight to avoid damaging PCB board) 2. Do not install propeller when installing and debugging flight control, and try not to fly indoors to avoid safety accidents. Before installing the propeller for flight test, please check the motor steering and propeller direction again. Safety tips: please do not fly near the crowd. Our company will not be responsible for any loss caused by aircraft crash. 3. Do not use non original aluminum or nylon columns to avoid damage to flight control hardware. The official standard configuration is custom-made nylon columns to fit the flying tower. 4. Before the aircraft is powered on, please check again whether the installation between the flying tower connectors is correct (the pins or wires must be aligned), check whether the positive and negative electrodes of the welding are correct, and check whether the motor screw is against the motor stator to avoid short circuit. 5. Check whether there is solder thrown out on the electronic components of the flying tower, which may lead to short circuit. If the short circuit occurs in the installation and welding, the buyer shall be responsible for it.


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