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HAKRC 4 In 1 30A / 40A Blheli_S BB2 Dshot 150/300/600 Mini ESC Speed Controller 2-5S for DIY FPV Racing Drone Multcopter Outdoor


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Hakrc 4 In 1 30A / 40A Blheli_S BB2 Dshot 150/300/600 Mini ESC Speed Controller 2-5S for DIY FPV Racing Drone Multcopter Outdoor
30A/40A 4IN1 manual:
High quality hardware   
EMF8BB21F16G master chip, running frequency up to 48MHz. Top import MOSFET, three in one IC drive, import high quality ceramic capacitor. 3 ounces thick copper, 6 laminates, greatly reducing fever, higher efficiency.

Highly integrated, compact    
Integration of 4 high-performance 30A/40A , built-in 2A BEC, no longer worry about more external devices; built-in booster module, low voltage also has a powerful explosive force, let your flight faster. After so highly integrated, the volume is only the size of the flight control of the fly through machine, and the installation and routing will become very concise. This incredible size and size, tailored for racing machines.

Native support BLHeli-S   
Use the BLHeli-S firmware, powerful performance, rich functions; and support a variety of ways is provided with the electric parameter, or upgrade the firmware (such as power transfer through the throttle signal line, the use of other development board, or use cleanflight or betaflight firmware on ESC set flight control or upgrade).

Hardware PWM, Damped Light    
Hardware PWM drive motor, small noise, more smooth response of the throttle. Damped Light technology, regenerative braking function, so that the motor speed reduction more sensitive and effective, more accurate control; active freewheeling technology, allowing the battery to recover power, extend the voyage time;

DShot150/300/600 Ready    
Not only support ordinary PWM throttle signal mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot ultra high speed throttle signal, more support for the latest DShot150/300/600 digital throttle, strong anti-interference ability, rapid response. The input and output line uses soft silica gel line, very durable, and high temperature resistance, easy to weld.

Compared to Oneshot and Multishot, we are informed that DShot is better because:    
    *No More ESC Calibration Required (no oscillator drift)    
    *More Accurate ESC Signal, and more robust against electrical nois    
    *Faster Than Oneshot    
    *Safer, every signal has cyclic redundancy check    

Support s D-shot .    
    BB21 MCU, 48Mhz Runs BLHELI_S J_H_xx firmware    
    Supports 2-6S lipo input    
    4PWM input    
    Current and Voltage output    
    2A 5v BEC    
    Constant Current: 30A  /40A    
    Burst Current: 40A/50A    
    Supports oneshot / Multishot / Dshot PWM    
    Only 36x39mm, mount holes 30x30mm    
    Supports damped ligh    

Brand name: Hakrc
Item name: 30A / 40A 4 In 1 ESC
Con. Current: 30A / 40A
Max Current: 35A / 50A
Working voltage: 2-6S
BEC: 5V/2A
Main control chip: EMF8BB21F16G
Operating frequency: 48MHz
Firmware: BLHeli_S/Dshot150/300/600 16.6(G_H_30)
Supports BlheliSuite adjust parameter
Supports PWM / Oneshot125 / Oneshot42 / Multishot / Dshot150 / Dshot300 / Dshot600
Size: 39x36mm
Weight: 9.6g

Package included:    
1 x  30A/40a BLHeli_S D-shot 4-in-1 ESC