iFlight CineBee 75HD Indoor FPV Racing Drone Mini Quadcopter 75mm 2-4S Whoop with Turtle V2 HD Camera iFlight SucceX F4 Flight Tower Standard version


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iFlight CineBee 75HD Indoor FPV Racing Drone Mini Quadcopter 75mm 2-4S Whoop with Turtle V2 HD Camera iFlight SucceX F4 Flight Tower Standard version

The iFlight Bee CineBee 75HD is a new generation of indoor HD card recording machine that has been built in six months. Its appearance has set a new benchmark for the indoor HD solution!
1, set "small" into: Bee CeeBee 75HD equipped with the wing of the new SucceX mirco F4 fly tower program (16mm * 16mm pitch), so that the wheelbase can be controlled at 75mm! The flying tower ensures that the USB adapter is in a very comfortable position, and there is no trouble in adjusting the cable.
2, the craftsman "core" single transport: all along, the simultaneous installation of the card recording equipment and the protective cover are accompanied by various embarrassing phenomena, including the card is not easy to take or even can not take the card, or the card is placed on the top of the tower to cause flight control The adjustment hole is in a difficult position to be inserted. The bee CineBee 75HD solves this problem by placing the card recording device on the bottom of the aircraft and equipped with a special protective cover to protect it.
3, "Bee" Mang must "record": The power matching of the bee CineBee 75HD was also selected by the engineers for a long time test. This power system makes the bee CineBee 75HD have ample enough while ensuring the comfort of the hand. Endurance performance.
4, the details are touching: Bee CineBee 75HD has a lot of people to talk about the details of the design, whether it is the bottom of the card cover protective cover, or the pitch adapter for the fly tower, and then to the professional 3D printed antenna mount, The little hearts that make you nowhere are the most comfortable soothing!
5, the price of the people: Even if the collection of many advantages in one, the bee CineBee 75HD still has an unusual price! Nothing else, just hope that more users will experience the fun of FPV!
Bottom plate thickness:1mm
Top plate thickness:1mm
Vertical side plates thickness:1mm
Bottom and Top plate distance:22mm(Standoff height 22mm)
propeller guard diameter:42mm(inner) - 45mm(outer)
propeller diameter:1.6inch
Flight control mounting holes size:16*16mm
Card recording holes size:20*20 (45°)
camera distance:19mm
Frame weight::66.2g(not include receiver and battery)
Life time:over 3minutes(battery recommend 2S420 mAh)


iFlight CineBee 75HD frame *1set
iFlight SucceX Micro F4 flight controller *1pc
iFlight SucceX Micro 12A 4 in 1 ESC *1pc
iFlight SucceX Micro VTX transmitter *1pc
iFlight 1103 11000kv motor *4pcs
Caddx.us Turtle 2 black camera*1pc
Gemfan 40mm 3blade 1635-3 1.5mm*4pairs
iFlight black 10*100mm battery strap*2pcs
iFlight 3D TPU*1set
iFlight white Flight control adapter *1pc
iFlight white bottom plate cover *1pc
iFlight white 40mm propeller guard *1set/4pcs
antenna protector tube(crystal)*2pcs
antenna protector tube cap(black)*2pcs
XT30 connector wire*1pcs
ipex(UFL)connector 5.8G VTX antenna(8CM)*1pc

Package Included:

1set x CineBee 75HD Racing Drone

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