iFlight XING 1408 4300KV 2-4S Brushless Motor for FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter DIY Models


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Specifications :

1. Copper wire outlet protection, continuous power output
2. Elliptical body, large heat dissipation design, stable and strong
3. Full CNC high precision machining, 7075 front and rear cover shell
4. Use N52H tile magnet to ensure torque, high temperature and no magnetic loss
5.50%-80% optimal output throttle, best efficiency
6. The precise dynamic balance of the rotor body ensures that the highest efficiency of the motor has the lowest noise.
7. More reasonable heat dissipation structure, the motor temperature is reduced by 15%
8. Reliable magnetic circuit optimization, maximum power conversion
The XING series of motors, including 11 series, 14 series, 22 series, 23 series, and 24 series, different series of different KV values, suitable for different aircraft, different flying methods.

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