iFlight HL7 V2.1 296mm 7 Inch Long Range FPV Frame for DIY RC Racer FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter RC Hobby Models


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iFlight HL7 V2.1 296mm 7 Inch Long Range FPV Frame for DIY RC Racer FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter 

1, 40*110mm battery support space, 40*26*110mm equipment installation space.

2, equipped with a lens frame, in addition to a fixed camera, it can also protect the lens, with a 30 ° tilt angle, can be directly equipped with gopro and other sports cameras.

3. The scientific frame structure and reasonable force analysis make the whole machine solid and thick, and durable and durable, while reducing the jelly phenomenon of recording video.

4, shipped with 3D printed antenna base, arm protection seat and gopro motion camera seat as an option, the former is a reasonable bifurcated antenna, so that the strength of the receiver signal is maximized, 45 ° tilt map transmission antenna, the principle is the same receiver In the same way, the latter protects the arm to minimize the bump, and the gopro carrier acts as a full enclosure, supporting the shooting while also protecting the motion camera.

Upgrade features (V2 vs. V1):

1. Additional sports camera support board

2, the left and right arms are integrated, and before and after

3, motor seat shape update, more concise and effective

4, 5 inch and 7 inch accessory kits
Diagonal wheelbase: 296mm (HL7 V2)

Floor thickness: 2mm

Roof thickness: 2mm

Arm thickness: 5mm (HL7)

Camera side panel thickness: 3mm

Camera side panel spacing: 28mm

Top and bottom plate spacing: 26mm (aluminum column height: 22mm)

Flight control hole distance: 30.5mm, 20mm

Rack net weight: 143g (HL7)

Support motor: 22

Support for propellers: up to 7 inches (HL7)

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