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Feichao Light Control Sensor LED Box Board Module Switch Electronic Circuit Micro Sensor Kits DIY Electronic Integrated Circuit Mode


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This product is DIY electronic parts, is a light control circuit, there is light off, no light is bright, the circuit is simple, in the production process, you can learn the principle. With 3V electronic power supply, you don't need to have a self-contained battery, and 5 LED light beads with different color effects are added to make your experiment more interesting.

[product size]: 60*50*25mm

[Shell material]: Acrylic

[Power Battery]: CR2032 Electronics

[Power supply voltage]: DC3V

[Circuit principle]: Turn on the switch. When there is light, the module circuit is turned off, the LED lamp bead is not bright, and the module circuit is automatically turned on when there is no light (when the light is dark enough), the LED lamp bead is powered on.

[Distribution lamp beads]: colorful flash, colorful slow flash, 5mm transparent red, 5mm transparent white, 5mm transparent blue, a total of 5 LED lamp beads

[Wiring instructions]: Pay attention to the wiring of the installation manual, pay attention to the positive and negative poles when the LED is connected, the reverse is not bright, and the long foot is the positive pole;

[product weight]: about 55 grams