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QWinOut 5A ESC Dual Way Brushed Speed Controller 2S/3S Lipo for RC Model Boat/Tank Tracked vehicle Spare Accessories


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Dual-way 5A Brushed ESC support 2S-3S Lipo. 4S is not supported.
Suitable for RC model cars, tanks, 4WD RC cars.
The strong resistant current capability, excellent heat dissipation.
Multiple protections

1. Voltage 6v-14v, single channel 5A, single channel peak value 7A (applicable to 2/3S lithium battery, etc., 4S is not allowed)
2. The central position of the remote controller is fixed with PWM 1500us (+50 -50), and the minimum run length is 800-1100 and the maximum is 1900-2200. It automatically adapts. If it exceeds 800-2200, it is regarded as an illegal signal and the ESC is locked.

Power-on prompt, with neutral start, with out-of-control protection
Power failure protection: power supply voltage lower than 4V, ESC restart protection
Over-current protection, over-heat protection (130 degrees)
bec output 5v maximum 1.5A to meet your needs for power supply for receiving and flight control
Board size: 36x26mm

Note: Each set of motor wires is directly connected to the motor, do not confuse it, otherwise the ESC will be damaged.
It is generally recommended to strip the wire to connect the motor.

Mode description:
Mixing mode (default) (throttle/steering mode):
2 or 3 channels (2 channels are recommended because the 2 channels automatically return to the center) to control the throttle,
Channel 1 (or Channel 4) controls the speed difference steering, the throttle ratio is 100%, the steering ratio is 100%, and the steering is given priority.
Suitable for: tanks (in this mode, gun control can play tanks), 4 drive vehicles (apm can be installed)

Two-way independent: It is equivalent to two independent ESCs (if you want to simulate a real tank, the white three-wire input terminal is connected to the receiver throttle (3 channels), and the yellow single-wire connection is connected to the receiver 2 channels; but in fact, Henglong's tank is also Mixed mode, because it is better to operate)

Two-way synchronization: In the mixed control mode, if the single yellow wire is not connected, or the single yellow wire is connected to the receiver "-", the two motors will be controlled by the throttle in synchronization.

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