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QwinOut Betaflight F4 Pro V3 Flight Controller Board Built-in Barometer OSD TF Slot For FPV Quadcopter


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F4 PRO V3:

Item name: betaflight  F4 V3 Flight Controller
Size: 36x36mm
Mount holes: 30.5x30.5mm

-STM32 F405 MCU
-Dshot support
-Drag and Drop OSD configured via Betaflight Configurator
-Smartaudio v2 support – Tune your PID’s and configure the omnibus F C from your Transmitter
-MPU6000 6 axis SPI Gyro & Accelerometer
-SBUS/PPM AND Spketrum dsm-x Ports
-SD card blackbox
-On-board Video Filter(only can supply 5V to VTX and Camera)
-SmartAudio V2 via tx6 on J10
-4×3 pin ESC pin layout
-IR pins for lap timing transponder

Package including:
1x betaflight  F4 V3 Flight Controller



Within betaflight please use OmnibusF4SD target to update firmware

The V3 version now includes a built in BEC so you can power this board directly from your flight battery (up to 4S)


betaflight-F4-Pro-V3-Flight-Controller-Board-Built-in-Barometer-OSD-TF-Slot-For-FPV-Quadcopter (4)betaflight-F4-Pro-V3-Flight-Controller-Board-Built-in-Barometer-OSD-TF-Slot-For-FPV-Quadcopter (3)betaflight-F4-Pro-V3-Flight-Controller-Board-Built-in-Barometer-OSD-TF-Slot-For-FPV-Quadcopter (2)betaflight-F4-Pro-V3-Flight-Controller-Board-Built-in-Barometer-OSD-TF-Slot-For-FPV-Quadcopter (1)betaflight-F4-Pro-V3-Flight-Controller-Board-Built-in-Barometer-OSD-TF-Slot-For-FPV-Quadcopter