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QWinOut Three1 210mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for FPV RC Racer Quadrocopter Drone


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QWinOut Three1 210mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for FPV RC Racer Quadrocopter Drone

Three1 is a versatile FPV four-axis flight rack with high-performance Freestyle flight and excellent racing capability.
3K high-strength carbon fiber board, to ensure that the framework of strong, stylish streamlined body design. Positive X structure, effective reinforcement of the body hardness. The streamlined design allows the fuselage to benefit from the machine, the machine is curved thickness 4mm. A single arm with three M3 * 12 screws through two 2mm carbon fiber board fixed. Roof thickness using 2MM, more durable, with 35mm high body space, enough for players to choose electronic products.
 Rack Advantages:
1, the rack with 2mm roof, the arm is curved thickness 4mm arm split frame, 3K carbon fiber sheet carved craft to achieve light, while solid.
2, the rack is a positive X structure, this structure is very suitable for crossing, fast, more violent, more flexible, more stable center of gravity.
3, multi-axis aluminum column column aluminum column outside the grid texture texture non-slip, more atmosphere.
4, with 20cm buckle battery strap / a set of flying control to install nylon pillars and a 2mm center plate.

Basic parameters;
Model: Three1
Weight: 162g
Wheelbase: 210mm
Arm thickness: 4mm
Roof thickness: 2mm
Thickness of the upper / lower plate: 2mm
Column: 35mm
Maximum available paddle: 4-5 inch

Referral configuration:
Motor: 2204/2205/2206/2306 KV2000-2800
Electricity: 12A-35A
Battery: 3S / 4S 1500-2200mAh
Flight Control: CC3D / NAZE32 / F3 / F4 / PIKO BLX ..