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QWinOut 390/820/030/610/395/N20 Model High Torque Motor DC 7.4V 19500RPM Metal Electric Motor for DIY Technology Production Toy


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390/820/030/610/395/N20 Model High Torque Motor DC 7.4V 19500RPM Metal Electric Motor for DIY Technology Production Toy


Threaded shaft 390 motor 7.4v high-speed high-torque motor:

This motor has a high speed and large torque. The motor shaft diameter is 2.3mm. There is a threaded shaft at the front end of the shaft. It can be matched with a 2.3mm nut and can be made into a short-stroke screw.

Note: The starting current of this motor needs to be more than 2A

[Motor diameter]: 28.5mm

[Motor length]: 46.5mm

[Step height]: 3mm

[Step diameter]: 9.8mm

[Total length of output shaft]: 11mm

[Thread length]: 5.5mm

[Motor shaft diameter]: 2.3mm (the thread is also 2.3)

[Rated voltage]: 7.4V

[Speed parameters]: no-load current 0.8A, load voltage 2.8A, speed is about 19500 rpm

[Motor weight]: about 95.3 grams


820 coreless motor:

This 820 motor has large torque, light weight, and high speed. It is specially used to make small quadcopters and small airplanes. There is a white plastic limit ring on the motor shaft, which is used to limit the position of the propeller on the shaft. If it is not needed, it can be removed. The red and blue lines are clockwise motors, and the black and white lines are counterclockwise motors.

[Rated voltage]: 3.7 (V)

[Reference speed]: 45000 (rpm)

[Motor shaft diameter]: 1mm

[Motor shaft length]: 6mm (measured from the motor surface)

[Motor size]: 8mm*20mm

[Scope of application]: model airplane, quadcopter


Model 030 motor:

The motor is small, the torque is large, it is very suitable for making some small technological productions that require some power, and the speed is high. (Adapt to 1.5mm aperture gear: link)

[Size]: 18.7*15.4*11.8mm (length, width and height)

[Shaft diameter]: 1.5mm

[Shaft length]: 6.5mm

[Voltage]: 3V (not higher than 3V, otherwise it will be hot)

[Speed]: about 30,000 revolutions per minute, no load 0.54A, load 1.8A

[Weight]: about 10 grams


610 motor miniature DC high-speed coreless motor:

[Voltage]: 3.7V

[Speed]: about 30,000 rpm at 3.7V

[Current]: Idling current 0.1A at 3.7v, locked-rotor current 0.8A

[Motor shaft diameter]: 0.8mm

[Motor shaft length]: 2mm

[Motor diameter]: 6mm

[Motor length]: 10.5mm

[Wire length]: about 5 cm

[Motor weight]: about 1.2g


Round shaft 395 motor 6v12v DC motor:

This motor has bearings and can be powered from 6-12V. It is a good motor for diy small toys.

[Length]: 46.5mm

[Diameter]: 29.7mm

[Step]: diameter 10mm, height 2.5mm

[Shaft diameter]: 2.3mm

[Axis length]: 22mm

[Voltage]: 6-12V

[Speed]: When 6V, about 900 rpm; when 12V, about 2200 rpm

[Weight]: about 105 grams


N20 planetary gear motor (with worm):

Warm reminder: The conductive feet of the motor have been tinned;

The motor adopts a miniature plastic gear reducer. It has strong hardness, high wear resistance, and good thermal stability; application: toys. DIY teaching demonstration, etc.

[Size]: 10*12*39.5mm

【Outlet shaft】: 0.6 modulus worm

[Weight]: about 6.8 grams

[Voltage]: 3V-6V

[Parameter]: When 3V, about 60 revolutions/minute; when 6V, about 120 revolutions/minute