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QWinOut RC HexaCopter ARF Electronic:30A ESC 920KV Motor KKMulticopter V2.3 Control Board Propeller Radiolink T8fb 8CH RX&RX


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RC HexaCopter ARF Electronic:30A ESC 920KV Motor KKMulticopter V2.3 Control Board Propeller Radiolink T8fb 8CH  RX&RX

Motor Description:

Outer diameter: 28.0 mm
Height: 24.0 mm (Without Shaft)
K V: 920kv
Fit for DJI Phantom F330 F450 F550 X525
This ESC is specially designed for multi-copter application, support up to 6S Lipo.
This Version Without Motor Wires, Connectors are Welded Directly To The PCB Board.
30A-Pro 2-6S Electric Speed Controller (ESC) OPTO - Specially for Multi-rotor Aircraft.
Output: Continuous 30A, burst 45A up to 10 seconds.
Input Voltage: 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NiMH battery.
Parameter programming function: Yes
Size: 56.5mm (L) * 25.6mm (W) * 8mm (H).

Product Features:

1.Custom designed firmware
Be applicable to helicopter, fixed wing, glider, multi-copter. Special firmware will be designed according to your model types.
2. Inheritance industrial designing
Cooperate with professional designer of AT9. T8FB adds innovation and independent design concept, can be a perfect choice for your plane.
3. Online upgrade
Unique upgrade mode, through simulator port and special Radiolink upgrade cable, no need for driving programs and is perfect compatible with all OS.
4. Humanized operation
On the basic experiences of modelers, T8FB, simplify the operation, makes it easy to use even without illustration.
5. Long-tested anti-interference
Follows the technology of wireless spread spectrum used by T7F, makes it possible to control freely in condition of same frequency interference.
6. S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal output at the same time
Compatible with FUTABA S-BUS port, also supports cable connection input one by one, S-BUS, PPM and PWM signals are possible to use at the same time.
7. Incredible price
Incredible price own high level specification.

T8FB Technical Parameters

1. Size: T8FB - 173*102*206mm, R8EH - 48.5*21*11mm.
2.Weight: 0.47kg(including R8EH)
3.Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
4.Modulation mode: GFSK
5.Channel bandwidth: 400KHz
6.Band width:1200KHz
7.Spread spectrum: FHSS
8.Adjacent channel rejection: >36dBM
9.Transmitter power: <100mW (20dBM)
10.Sensitivity: -104dBM
11.Speed rate:38kbps
12.PWM output: 1.0ms~2.0ms
13.Section precision: 2000, 0.5us per section
14.Cycle:15 ms/per frame
15.Radio T8FB operating voltage: 4.8V~18V
16.Radio T8FB operating current: <110mA
17.Receiver R8EH operating voltage: 4.6~10V
18.Receiver R8EH operating current: <30mA
19.Control distance: more than 1000 meters air, the actual control distance depends on the flying environment.

3 pcs 920KV CW motor
3 pcs 920KV CCW motor
6 pcs 30A ESC
6 pairs 9443 propellers
1 pcs Power Battery to 8 ESC Connection Board
1 PCS KKMulticopter V2.3 Circuit board Flight Controller V5.5
1 set Radiolink T8fb 2.4G 8Ch Transmitter and Receiver

1 tool set