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TAROT 5008 340KV 4kg Efficiency Motor TL96020 for T960 T810 Multicopter Hexacopter Octacopter


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Tarot TAROT 5008 340KV 4kg Efficiency Motor TL96020 for T960 T810 Multicopter Hexacopter Octacopter

- Tarot 5008/340 kv high efficiency rotor brushless motor designed for multi-rotor aircraft, suitable for T960 six folding hexarotor rotor frame TL960A, T810 folding eight rotor frame TL18A00 17-18 inch frame using the rotor. CNC processing production, which ensure Smooth and flawless flat table and good balance. New design efficient turbofan cover, provide powerful cooling airflow, the rotor With high magnetic ndfeb materials refined but become, adopt high strength epoxy resin pressure strengthening protection of the stator resistance to high temperature, high magnetic TongWai Rotor motor with special balance correction, improve the common outer motor balance vibration problem caused by the motor shaft High alloy steel. Motor cover up and down with large size high speed precision bearings, with low friction torque, small power consumption, corrosion resistance Strong shock, instant high-speed radial support, etc. 5008/340 kv a new generation of brushless motor has passed strict dynamic, Static magnetic field characteristics, strong magnetic loss of high temperature resistant, demagnetization, vibration, noise, load.
Product parameters: 
- suitable for rotor specifications: 17-18 inches Motor
- Outside diameter: 58.50 mm
- Stator diameter: 50.0 mm
- Stator side thickness: 8.0 mm
- Number of stator end: 12 n
- KV:340 RPM/v speed: the Volt
- Empty load current is 25.2 V, 25.2 Amps
- Motor weight: 168 Grams
- Gear shaft diameter: ï¿ 4.0 mm
- Motor length: 35.0 mm
- Motor axis length: 42.0 mm
- Measured open circuit voltage (V), current (A) speed (KV)
                                10.0        0.6      3428
                                22.2        1.0       N/A
                                25.2        1.1      8500
Product specifications: 
- M3 * 4 8 cup head screws
- M3 x 8 x 2 half-round head screw
- Metal rotor installed plate x 1
- 5008 kv340 x 1
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