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Tarot Peeper I Drone 750mm FPV Quadcopter Frame 4 Axis UAV Phantom UFO with Propeller Motor ESC Power Distributor TL750S1


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The standard configuration of Peeper Ⅰ:
Peer body shell × 1
17.5 inch Martin folding carbon fiber paddle TL2948 × 2
4008 Martin Long Airtime Brushless Motor TL2955 × 4
40A Brushless Electronic Governor × 4
Power distributor × 1
Power manager × 1
Chinese and English manual × 1
Related optional equipment number:
Peeper Ground Control System
ZYX-M multi-rotor flight control ZYX25
ZYX-OSD video overlay system TL300C
GOPRO 3DⅢ metal triaxial head TL3T01
FLIR thermal imaging head set (with camera) TL01FLIR
HD video transmission group: Ultra-long distance full HD digital video transmission ten kilometers measured TL1000
5.8 Analog video transmission group: 1000mW transmitting group TL300N4 receiving group TL300N3
1.2G long-distance image transmission 600MW transceiver set TL300N5
25C 22.2V 10000mAh lithium battery TL2944
High voltage charger: new D100 balanced charger TL2942
Wheelbase: 750mm / Diameter: 750mm
Height: 258mm / Frame Height: 258mm
Main rotor length: 210mm / Main blade length: 210mm
Main rotor diameter: 440mm
Full weight (without battery): about 1.28KG / Weight (without battery): about 1.28KG

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