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Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller ZYX25 for Tarot 650 680 X8 X6 X4 Multicopter FPV Photography


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Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller ZYX25 for Tarot 650 680 X8 X6 X4 Multicopter FPV Photography 

aeProduct.getSubject() Description:
- Adopting advanced INS smart calculation and navigation control calculation, more stable and easier to control
- It can provide multi types of protection towards unusual situation
- Main controller:
32 Bit processor, has strong calculation ability
Built in sensor abosrbing vibration
Full metal shell, strong protection
Support dual S-BUS receiver
Double DSM satellite receiver, reliable remote controlling
Gimbal control interface, directly controlling Tarot new gimbal

aeProduct.getSubject() - GPS module:
high gain antenna, quick searching signal , accurate positioning

suppport 9 kinds of aircraft types, with three servo output ports
- Under GPS speed mode, the aircraft flying speed is same to joystick speed
- Out of control return home, one button returning home
- Intelligent orientation control and surrond of interest points
- Smart landing gear functions
After opening this function, the landing gear won't be retracted accidentally. It will be automatically put down at emergency situation. When flying height is beyond 5M, it can control landing gear by switch
- Flying range and no-fly zone protection function: Under GPS speed mode, the aircraft will not fly beyond protection range. Under other mode, once it fly out of protection range, it will automatically trigger return home function. Near airport or no-fly zone, the flying height and range are strictly limited
- Broken arm protection (Six-axis or multi-axis helicopter)
When one motor or propeller can not work normally, the aircraft can still maintain normal flying