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Battery knowledge


     1.3300MAH means that the battery can discharge for 1 hour at a current of 3.3A, which is theoretical, but actually less than 1 hour.

  1. 20C, 30C on the battery means that the discharge rate of the battery also refers to the maximum discharge rate of the battery. If the battery is 25C, 3300MAH, the maximum discharge current can reach 25X3.3=82.5A.


  1. The 3S1P on the battery refers to 3 cells connected in series, S refers to series, P refers to parallel, a total of 3X1 = 3 cells, such as 3S2P refers to 3 groups of 2 pieces of parallel power The core is connected in series with a total of 3X2 = 6 batteries.


  1. The rated voltage of a battery is 3.7V, the lowest voltage is 2.75V, the voltage of full charge is 4.2V, the rated voltage of 4S battery is 14.8V, the full voltage is 16.8V; if the voltage is lower than 2.75V The battery is over-discharged and overcharged when the voltage is above 4.2V.


  1. The battery is charged within 1C for the battery, and the above 3C will have a greater impact on the battery life and performance.


  1. The role of the balance line on the battery: balance the charge of each cell, 3 balance lines of 2S battery, 4 balance lines of 3S battery.


  1. The total capacity of the two batteries in series is constant, the total voltage is the added voltage of the two batteries; the parallel voltage of the two batteries is constant, and the total capacity is the capacity of the two batteries after adding;Common battery plug


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