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Drones' applications in life



If you're into photography or technology, you've probably heard of the concept of Drone. This device is gaining more and more attention from the society. The article will help you answer basic questions about the purposes of Drones in life.
What is Drone?
According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), drones (UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are all kinds of flying vehicles or aircrafts with remote control. Drones can cover many sizes, shapes and take on a variety of roles.
Their main structure includes engine, central microprocessor system, power, propellers and brackets. Drones can fly far and high up to dozens of kilometers.
Drones can be classified into 2 basic types, including
⦁ Fixed wing drone
⦁ Drone with propeller
Each type of drone has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, fixed-wing drones usually fly faster and have a longer usage time than rotor blade ones.
The purposes of using drones (UAVs)
Initially, the early types of drones were often used for military purposes. They assume the role of scouting, exploring terrain or destroying targets if supported with weapons. In addition, military drones also used to perform tasks that are difficult for humans to engage in combat military areas such as surveillance flying and meteorological information gathering.
Later, Drone gradually has seeped into every corner of life. Amazon, one of the global retail groups, has used drones to deliver goods to customers' homes in the mid-range range. Drones are also widely used in tasks such as:
⦁ Filming and taking photos from above. A popular drone in the field of photography is Flycam.
⦁ Drones with built-in laser scanning systems such as LIDAR can support the process of creating topographic maps, especially 3D maps.
⦁ Sprinkling fertilizers and pesticides
⦁ Drones attached additional sensors are commonly used for search and rescue purposes.
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