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Mobula7 Warning



  1. This is indoor copter, Can’t be flying outdoor when there is wind!Can’t be flying too high to affect the sight! 

It is necessary to go to a place with a large space to play it (Especially the novice must pay attention)! 

If the Copter collides with items such as walls, you must timely lower the throttle! Otherwise ESCs and motors may be burned, and battery may be burned or exploded.

  1. About the Li-po Battery:

1s=3.7v is the best retention voltage for the copter’s battery. After fully charged, it is about 4.2v. The battery voltage is below 3.5v for over-discharge.

2s=7.4v. After fully charged, it is about 8.4v. The voltage is below 3.5v 7.0v for over-discharge.

The battery that just flying used cannot be charged immediately (it will cause damage to the battery).

  1. If you have any questions, such as binding Remote controller, please contact our customer service, we will provide technical services in a timely manner.
  2. BeatFlight Firmware download URL

  1. Driver download:


  1. Before Flying, Please check if all screws on the motors and other place are secure.

The welding part of Flight controller is easy to be damaged , Please connect the battery and the copter kit very carefully. (Take out the battery a little first and then connect it to the flight controller. DO NOT tug on the cables with the flight controller directly, or it will be damaged)



Please connect the battery in the right way (Red wire to Red wire, Black wire to Black wire). Wrong connection will damage the Flight Control Board.



  1. The ESC/Flight Controller/Motor/Battery and other accessories are damaged due to personal flight errors. Please purchase accessories to replace them yourself.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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