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Motor common sense


The motor, also known as the motor, is one of the devices that power the aircraft. The motor is divided into a brush motor and a brushless motor. The brush motor refers to a motor with a carbon brush. The function of the carbon brush is to reverse the direction. Brushless motor refers to a motor without a carbon brush. The controller provides different current directions of DC to achieve alternating current direction of the coil inside the motor. Any two motors and ESC wiring can be exchanged to change the steering of the motor.

The part that rotates when the motor is working is called the rotor, the part that does not rotate is called the stator; the inner rotor motor (core rotation) and the outer rotor motor (the outer casing rotation)


The parameter 2306 on the motor refers to the diameter of the iron core is 23mm and the height is 6mm; 2400kv refers to the speed of the motor, that is, the speed of the voltage of 1V is 2400 rev / min, then the speed of 10V is 10x2100 = 21000 rpm /min; CCW means that this motor is self-locking (the bullet nut) by rotating the nut counterclockwise;

CW refers to the self-locking of the nut when the motor rotates clockwise (the bullet nut);


The voltage of the battery used is less than the maximum voltage that the motor can withstand;


The higher the KV value, the faster the speed, the fewer coil windings, the larger the current, and the smaller the torque.

The lower the KV value, the slower the speed, the more coil windings, the smaller the current, and the higher the torque.


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