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Radiolink TS100 Mini M10N GPS Module for Crossflight Mini Pix Pixhawk F4 Flight Controller Helicopter Airplane Drones Quadcopter


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TS100 Parameter

1) Positional Accuracy: 50 centimeters precision when working with concurrent GNSS.

2) Velocity precision: 0.1m/s

3) Max height: 50000m

4) Max speed: 515m/s

5) Max acceleration: 4G

6) Max update rate: up to 10Hz

7) Sensitivity

Tracking & Nav.: -167dBm; Reacquisition: -163dBm; Cold start: -151dBm; Hot start: -159dBm.

8)Time to first fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s.

9)Connect ports

   Power supply: voltage 5±5%V DC, current 50~55mA

10) Ports  

  A. GPS UART interface, baud rate: 9.6K

  B. Geomagnetic I2C interface


Features of TS100 (TS100 gps is our of stock and replaced by SE100):

Super Mini Size: This mini GPS for Radiolink mini PIX and crossflight flight controller, only 1.25*1.18*0.47in,0.7oz, it’s perfect for you racing drone and quadcopter.

Excellent Stable: The ceramic antenna design have enhances the ability to get extremely weak signal even though interference by ideal filter.

Top Configuration: Design with U-box UBX-M10050(M10N), 72-channel, is better than GNSS 7N. 2.5dbl ceramic antenna.

Positional Accuracy and Quick: 50 centimeters precision when working with concurrent GNSS, positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground and valley station-keeping ability. Support reception of GPS, QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1.

Mini Size

Super mini: The size is for 1.25*1.18*0.47in and the weight is 0.044Lb; Pilot can practice with super simple models when TS100 work with Radiolink mini flight controller Mini PIX( Buying this product does not include Mini Pix ), best choice for racing drone beginner.


Top Configuration

GPS decoder chip: Radiolink M10N GPS, with u-blox UBX-M10050(M10), 72-channel, is much better than single GNSS 7N.

Geomagnetic: QMC5883L which with same technology as HMX5983 from Honeywell.

Antenna: 2.5dbi high gain and selectivity ceramic antenna.

Double Filter: SAWF(surface acoustic wave filter) from Murata.

Excellent Performance

50 centimeter position accuracy, positioning 20 satellites in 5 seconds at open ground and valley station-keeping ability.

The pre-LNA low loss design that exact match the ceramic antenna have enhances the ability to capture extremely weak signals even though interference by ideal filter.

Optimized circuit layout make sure TS100 can seizing very weal signals and effective suppression of input interference at the same time.






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