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QWINOUT 12A 15A 2-3S Brushless Speed Control ESC 5V/1A BEC For Mini-Q Mini-Z 1/24 1/28 1/32 RC Mosquito Car Compatible Wltoys K989


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In order to prevent individual players only turn off the power switch without unplugging the battery plug, resulting in battery over-discharge, the shop now sells brushless ESCs are eliminated the switch, directly insert the battery can be, do not play when remember to unplug the battery plug

12A parameters

Working current: 12A

Instantaneous current: 15A

Operating voltage: 2-3S single lithium protection voltage of 3v


Size: 30*18*5MM

Weight: 9g

15A parameters

1:Voltage range 2-3S 

2:Single section LIPO protection voltage 3.0V

3:Continuous working current 15A, instantaneous current up to 23A

4:BEC output 5V2A

5:Size 28*24*6(mm)

6:Weight about 13g


Additional features:

Support reversing function

Support half-slope start

Throttle position error disable start 

Automatic learning of throttle travel

Error signal to switch off power

Receiver no-signal alarm and output shutdown

Multifunctional adjustment of motor characteristics


Notes on use:

1, This device is designed for battery as energy source, no other type of power source can be used, if using other power source may damage the device or power source.

2, This device is a remote control model product, it should not be used on top of a manned system to prevent the use of other than a manned system.

3, This device is a high power electronic product, it will generate a lot of heat in the work, please pay attention to maintain the forced air cooling conditions

4, The device has a power supply voltage detection system, when connecting to the battery, please use the shortest possible connection cable, and ensure that there is enough current for the battery. Please use the shortest possible cable when connecting to the battery, and ensure that the battery has sufficient current.

5. This device does not allow 2 or more motors to be driven at the same time to avoid incorrect operation.



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