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4pcs TAROT 5008 340KV Motor TL96020 with 4pcs Hobbywing XRotor 40A Brushless ESC for DIY RC Drone Quadcopter


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4pcs TAROT 5008 340KV Motor TL96020 with 4pcs Hobbywing XRotor 40A Brushless ESC for DIY RC Drone Quadcopter

product description:
The 5008/340KV high-efficiency multi-rotor brushless motor is designed for multi-rotor aircrafts and is suitable for the racks of 17-18-inch rotors such as the 960-folding six-rotor frame 960 and the T18 folding eight-rotor frame. All CNC machining, appearance of the flat table is smooth and seamless, excellent balance. The newly designed high-efficiency turbofan cover provides powerful cooling airflow. The rotor is made of high magnetic material NdFeB. The stator is reinforced with high-strength epoxy resin to protect against high temperature, and the high-flux external rotor motor is specially balanced. The correction has improved the vibration problem caused by the poor balance of ordinary external rotating motors. The motor shaft is made of high-speed alloy steel. The upper and lower covers of the motor adopt large-size high-speed precision bearings, which have the advantages of low frictional torque, low power loss, impact resistance, and strong radial support at high speeds. 5008/340KV new generation of brushless motors have passed strict dynamic, static, magnetic field characteristics, strong magnetic high temperature, demagnetization loss, motion vibration, noise, load performance and other engineering technology demonstration.
Continuation and succession of the Taro brushless motor: long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, stable control of the superior characteristics.
 1. Multi-rotor special core program, the throttle response speed is greatly improved;
The special flight characteristics of multi-rotor aircraft pose a higher challenge to the response speed of ESCs. Faster response speed means more stable hovering performance and more rapid movement performance. X-Rotor multi-rotor ESCs will respond The speed has been raised to an unprecedented height to calmly deal with various challenges!
2. The firmware is optimized for disc motors. The compatibility is very good.
In order to meet the heavy-duty, long-lived flight requirements of multi-rotorcrafts, high torque and high-efficiency electrical performance have enabled the popularity of disc motors. However, the compatibility issues that ensued have discouraged many players. X-Rotor multi-rotors The ESC's compatibility with the disc motor is very good. It greatly reduces the number of accidents caused by "locked rotors". It has been tested through a large number of mainstream disc motors and the video will be announced gradually!
3, highly intelligent, strong adaptive ability;
It fully simplifies the electronic adjustment function and is highly intelligent. The default settings can satisfy most applications. Only the advanced angle parameters (advance angle or high advancing angle can be set) can be set. The programming method is extremely simple, greatly reducing the operating difficulty and optimizing the user experience. !
4. Twisted Pair Design of Throttle Signal Cable
The throttle signal line is designed as a twisted pair cable, which effectively reduces the crosstalk caused by the transmission of the signal in the copper wire and makes the flight more stable.

Product parameters:
Applicable rotor specifications: 17-18 inches
Peripheral diameter of the motor : 58.50mm
Stator diameter : 50.0 mm
Stator end thickness : 8.0 mm
Number of stators : 12N
Number of motor poles: 14P
Speed per volt: 340 RPM / Volt
25.2V Empty Load Current : 1.1 Amps
Motor Weight : 168 Grams
Gear shaft installation diameter : ¢4.0 mm
Motor length : 35.0 mm
Motor shaft length : 42.0 mm
Motor mounting hole distance: 25MM

Measure no-load 

voltage (V) Current (A) Speed (KV)
10              0.6             3428

22.2            1               N/A
25.2          1.1             8500

Size: 68x25x8.7mm
Battery section: 2-6S
BEC: None
Continuous output current: 40A
Instantaneous maximum current (10 seconds): 60A


Product specification:
5008/340KV *4

XRotor 40A long line ESC *4