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QWinOut 67X33X21mm GPS Speed Speedometer Built-in LIPO Battery for RC Airplane FPV Racing Freestyle Drones DIY Parts


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Product Description

This product is based on GPS module data, mainly used for outdoor moving objects piggyback speed measurement, wide application scenarios, simple operation, easy to use.


I. Product features

1, The product has built-in lithium battery, full charge can be used continuously for 4 hours.

2, This product can provide you with the following data.

(1) Fastest speed (data will be locked)

(2) Real time speed (updated in real time)

(3) Number of GPS satellites

(4) Number of GPS messages


Product Specifications.



Two, use method

1, the speed meter will be placed in the test object, installed firmly, GPS module up, and there should be no metal objects to block, turn on the power switch, wait for the GPS star search, when the number of satellites reached 7 or more, that is, you can start speed measurement. When the number of satellites reaches 7 or more, you can start to measure the speed. It takes about 3 minutes or more to search for the first time in a new place. (The higher the number of satellites, the more accurate the test data)

2, The product is equipped with type-c charging interface, red light is on when charging, blue light is on when fully charged.

3, About the use of the reset button. There are two ways to reset the data as follows.

This product has no data storage function, when the second speed measurement need to reset the data, based on the characteristics of the GPS will appear data drift and other phenomena, the data will not be zero after clearing, in addition, after the power on the device began to work, the instantaneous movement, will also lead to changes in the data.

(1) After taking a speed test, please switch off the device and wait for about 1 minute for the data to become single digits, then you can take another speed test.

(2) After taking a speed test, switch off the unit, press the reset button several times, then switch on the unit and wait for the data to change to single digits before taking another speed test.




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