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EMAX Mini Magnum II 2 F4 Flying Tower Flytower 4in1 OSD VTX


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New EMAX Mini Magnum II 2 F4 Flying Tower Flytower 4in1 OSD VTX 6S BLHELI 32BIT 35A Flight Controller for FPV Racing Drone Parts

Mini Magnum 2 F4 6S BLHELI 32BIT:
Introducing the next generation of the famed Magnum line, the Mini Magnum 2.
Next Generation ESC Board:
Featuring a 35amp BLHeli32 capable ESC board, current sensor, on-board capacitors, and capable of running 2-6s lipo batteries, no longer will there be limits to the capabilities of an all-in-one stack in this 20*20 formfactor.
Tuning, Easier than ever:
Engineered around an F4 processor with an MPU6000 gyro, tuning and perfect flight performance will be easier to achieve than ever. Including built-in programmable RGB LEDs, distinction between different builds and custom status updates offer a wide variety of customizability for any situation and requirement.
Remote channel control:
Ytilizing a newly engineered video transmission frequency controller, channel selection can now be programmed from an exrernal transmitter without On-Screen-Display, information regarding your craft will be easy to access while in flight directly on your video feed.
Proven Formfactors:
With all the electronics needed, assembled together in an accessible package, building a custom craft will only require a frame, camera, set of motors, and a compatible receiver.
Instalattion has never been easier, thans to the universal formfactor of the tower system.

Weight specification

Total weight: 17.21g
Flight controller
(OMNIBUSF4 Firmware)
MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro (connected via SPI)
On-board OSD
On-board Buzzer
Integrated 5V/3A BEC
Dedicated PPM/ Sbus receiver input
30x27mm board with 20mm mounting holes.


Continuous current 35A ( max burst 40A)
Supply voltage 2-6S Lipo( 1700kv Motor LIMIT for 6S )
BLHeli_32 firmware,support DSHOT,MULTISHOT,ONESHOT125
Top quality MOSFET
3oz high TG PCB board
32x37mm board with 20mm mounting holes.
Current Sensor

Frequency band:5658-5945MHz (FCC Compliant Channels / with HAM unlock)
TBS Audio Control
Transmit power:13dBm/23dBm(25mW/200mW)
Supply voltage:4.5V-5.5V
Antenna port :50Ω