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Flysky FS GT3B FS-GT3B 2.4G 3CH Controller Transmitter with / without Receiver for RC Car Boat Accessory RX TX


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Product name :Flysky FS FS-GT3B 2.4G 3CH Transmitter Controller For RC Car Boat

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Specifications For Controller:


  • Channels:3 Channels;
  • Model type:car/boat;
  • RF range:2.40-2.48GHz;
  • Bandwidth:500Hz;
  • Band:160;
  • RF power:less than 20DB;
  • 2.4G system:AFHDS;
  • Code type:GFSK;
  • Senditivity:1024;
  • Low voltage warning:yes(less than 9V)
  • DSC port: yes(3.5mm:output:PPM);
  • ST range:90;
  • TH range:45(F:30;B:15);
  • Charger port:yes;
  • Power:12V DC(1.5AA*8);
  • Weight:328g;
  • ANT length:26mm;
  • Size:159*99*315mm;
  • Color:black


Package Include:


  • 100% Brand New 1x FS-GT3B Controller




For receiver:

Flysky FS-GR3C FS 2.4G 3CH Receiver with Failsafe For RC Car Boat FS-GT3 FS-GT3B FS-GT2 FS-GT3C Transmitter




(1) channel : 3 channel;

(2) high frequency pattern: GFSK;

(3) high frequency modulation system: PPM/PCM;

(4) frequency: 2.4G;

(5) power source: 5V DC (1.5V AAA*4)

(6) weight: about 7g

(7) antenna length: 180mm;

(8) size: about 34*19.5*10mm;

(9) color: Black;

(10) authentication: CE, FCC, RoHS;


Package Include:

1x FS-GR3C Receiver

1x Black Attenna Tube