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HobbyWing Platinum 50A / 60A V3/ V4 Brushless Electronic Speed controller ESC for RC Drone Heli FPV Multi-Rotor


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HobbyWing ?Platinum 50A ?V3/ V4 Brushless Electronic Speed controller ?ESC for RC Drone Heli ?FPV Multi-Rotor?




Specofication :

Name : Hobbywing??Platinum 50A ?V3?ESC?

Con. Current : 50A

Instant Current : 75A

BEC : Switch Mode ,5.2V / 6.0V /7.4V ,Con.current 7A , Instant Currnt 15A

Input Voltage : 2-6S Lipo ,5-18 NiMH

Parametric Programming : Yes

Size: 48 x30x15.5 mm


High-performance 50MHz microprocessor, fast response speed


variety of flight patterns, broad applicability:

1) Aircraft - Airplane mode

2)Helicopters - Cruise Off mode

3) Helicopters - Elf constant speed mode

4)Helicopters - stored constant speed mode


?1. The new fixed speed algorithm, excellent constant speed effect.

?excellent soft-start performance, completely eliminate the drift phenomenon helicopter startup.

?2. Autorotation restart time is adjustable, can be manually interrupted flameout during landing and quickly restart the motor, to avoid handling mistakes and crash.

3. PWM frequency up to 32KHz, drive motor run smoother, quieter.

4. the industry's most powerful built-in high-power switch mode BEC:

1) Platinum-100A-V3:BEC Output Voltage 6.0V/7.4V/8.4V switchable ,Output Con.Current ?10A,Instant Current 25A;

2) Platinum-50A-V3:BEC Output Voltage?5.2V/6.0V/7.4V?switchable?,Output Con.Current?7A,Instant Current ?15A


5. Separate speed (RPM) signal output interface, simplifying Flybarless system peripherals.

6.?independent parameter settings Interface (Program Port), for connecting the multi-function LCD programming box set, is not compatible with general Platinum Card.

7.?independent parameter sets the interface can also be adjusted in real-time output operation status data, with data transmission module for real-time data monitoring and recording.

8.? professional electronic engineers can use real-time output of the power transfer operational data to develop more applications.

9.?ESC firmware can be updated online.

10.?compact and rugged construction.



Specification :

Name : Hobbywing??Platinum 60A ?V4 ?ESC?

Con.Current : 60A

Instant Current : 80A

BEC Output : Switching Regulator BEC ; 5V -8V Switchable (Adjustments to 0.1V per order);Con.Current 7A ; Instant Current : 18A

Input : 3-6S Lipo

Independent parameters programmed interface: Connection LCD parameter setting box or WI FI module

Throttle signal / BEC output / RPM signal transmission line; white is the throttle signal line / red and black two-color line for the BEC output line / yellow RPM signal transmission lines

Input / Output Lines : ?input 14 AWG ;Output : 14AWG

Size: 18 x 30 x 15.5 mm

Weight ?49g



Features :


1.?Operating frequency up to 70MHz using high-performance microprocessors, with more excellent performance of fixed speed and slow start

2.?Microprocessor uses separate voltage regulator IC to power, has better anti-jamming capability, greatly reduce the possibility of loss of control.

3.?Synchronous rectification drive efficiency optimization techniques [DEO-Driving Efficiency Optimization] quicker throttle response and higher drive efficiency, lower power transfer temperature.

4.?The use of new high-power switching regulator BEC, the output voltage between 5-8V adjustable output current of up to 18A instantly

5.?BEC power transfer module and other circuits independent of each other, when the electric power transfer occurs burned board failure, to ensure maximum BEC normal output, providing the opportunity to save the machine.

6.?With the "Airplane mode / linear accelerator helicopter model / helicopter constant speed (Elf) mode / constant speed helicopter storage mode" four kinds of flight mode.

7.?Use the new helicopter program constant speed, constant speed sensitivity adjustable, easy to operate, the constant speed with excellent results, in the case of abrupt load changes, to ensure that a large propeller speed and stability.

8.?With a flight data recording function, you can record the minimum voltage when the flight, the maximum temperature data, calibration speed.

9.?Landing with a flame protection timing functions within the guard time can be manually interrupted flameout during landing and quickly restart the motor, to avoid handling mistakes and crash.

10.?Speed [RPM] with a signal output interface;

11.?An independent parameter setting interface for connecting LCD programmed cartridge box set with a simple and intuitive interface, easy to set up and modify electrical transfer parameters?

12.?WIFI wireless parameter adjustment through the end of the phone [Apple] Andrews software to complete all the parameters required WI FI [module] ;

13.?Support online reading, set the power transfer parameters, view the speed curve table [storage mode] [require firmware upgrade power transfer parameter setting box or WIFI LCD module]

14.?Start with protection / thermal protection / capacitance temperature protection / overload protection / throttle signal loss protection, input voltage abnormal protection multiple protection, effectively extending the life of the ESC.