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QWinOut Mark5 225mm Carbon Fiber FPV Frame Kit 5inch for Analog HD Digital RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone DIY Parts


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MARK5 Features:

7075 aluminum alloy side plate, new visual effect, durable and effective to protect the lens.
Wide X-arm design, stable and flexible flight attitude.
The video transmission installation holes are compatible with the sky terminal, vista and analog video transmission.
Compatible with 19-20mm wide lenses, you can directly install DJI original lenses.
Compatible with 16*16 mm and 19*19 mm motor mounting holes.
The shock absorption design of the frame, the stable operation of the whole machine, and the safe operation environment of the electronic system.
TPU base, can install GoPro camera, can also install naked Gopro8 and other cameras.

Name: mak5
Flight control hole position: 30.5*30.5(MM)
Material: 3k carbon fiber
VTX hole position: 30.5*30.5 and 20*20(MM)
Top plate: 2.5mm (thickness)
Motor hole position: 16*16(MM)
Middle plate: 2.5mm (thickness)
Lens size: 19-20 (MM).
Bottom plate: 2.5mm (thickness)
Inner space height: 25mm (height)
Arm: 5mm (thickness)
Screw size: M2&M3
Weight: about 170 g (including print)
Support blade: 5 inch propeller


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