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Flytec V020 40 Points GPS Auto Return RC Bait Boat 2KG Loading 500M With Night Lights For Fishing


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Product Name : Flytec V020 GPS Intelligent 40 Positioning Points Three Bait Tanks RC Fishing Bait Boat

Color : Black

Feature : Built-in lithium battery

Product Material : ABS Plastic & Electronic parts

Product Size(L*W*H) : 49*26.4*28.1cm

Product Weight(g) : 5200mah 2030.6g 12000mah 2128.1g

Box Size(L*W*H) : 53*31.5*26CM

Package Weight(g) : 5200mah 2950g 12000mah 3000g

For Age : 14+

Control Time : 2/4 hours

Charge Time : 6 hours

Control Distance : 500M

Max Speed : 15KM/H

Battery : 7.4V 5200mAh or 7.4V 12000mAh"

Frequency : 2.4G

Load Capacity : 2kg

Controller Battery : 1.5V AA*4(not included)



Package List:

Bait Boat*1,






Controller Stick *2,

Propellers * 2




1. Fixed speed driving


2. One-key return/ One key cruise/ Low battery return/ lost signal return


3. Electronic fence


4. Smart calibration system


5. Three independently controlled bait tanks


6. Front and rear Bright LED light


7. Anti-storm level 7-8

8. 40 GPS Position Points

9. The LCD screen displays the distance and power of the boat"


Main Feature:

1. Adopt 2.4G control frequency, stable remote control signal

The remote control signal is wide and stable, and the remote control command can be realized under the environment of 500 meters without obstruction


2. Front and rear strong light searchlights

Front and rear two-color lights, improve the night driving vision range, easily identify the sailing direction, and ensure accurate positioning of the baiting


3. Automatic return

When the boat is low in battery or the signal is poor for a long time, the boat will return automatically


4. 12000Mah large-capacity rechargeable battery, strong battery life

Lithium batteries charge faster and have a larger capacity. Low noise, low energy consumption, continuous sailing for 4 hours;


5. Fixed speed driving

Intelligently correct the driving route to realize the straight line and uniform speed of the boat, simple operation, saving time and effort


6. Automatic calibration

With automatic calibration system, GPS positioning is more accurate


7. Double motor, three-blade propeller design

The boat adopts a powerful dual-motor design to provide enough power,equipped with a three-blade propeller to increase the thrust and water repellent range in the water for better driving speed and experience


8. Upgrade three bait tanks, hook and line attach design

It adopts the design of three independently controlled bait tanks, the load capability is about 2 kg, can control fixed-point baiting, add anti-decoupling design in the rear silo, can send the hook and fishing line, prevent the fishing line from entanglement


9. Upgrade smart remote control

The remote control has an LCD display, which can intelligently display the boat's power, compass, boat direction, and the distance between the positioning point and the boat.


10. Lost signal return

When the ambient signal is unstable or the remote control power is turned off, the boat will automatically return to the origin.


11. 40 positioning points /one key cruise

With 40 memory positioning points, the boat can cruise automatically by pressing one button, freeing hands to achieve fixed-point bait casting and automatic return.


12. Strong wind resistance

Single streamlined hull design, the whole boat has been waterproofed, which can effectively prevent all kinds of leakage and leakage, and the 7-8 winds can drive as usual;





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