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QWinOut FPV 2.4G 2W 2000mW Mini Radio Signal Booster Amplifier Module for DJI Phantom RC Transmitter FPV Extend Range Drone Accessory


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QWinOut FPV 2.4G 2W 2000mW Mini Radio Signal Booster Amplifier Module for  RC Transmitter FPV Extend Range

Also suit for DJI Phantom 


Item Name: 2.4G 2W Signal Booster
Material :CNC aluminum 
Input Voltage: 5V-15V
Transmitter Gain: 11dB ±1.5dB 
Noise Figure: ≤3.0dB 
Input power range: 4dBm-20dBm
Max output power: 33dBm(2W)
Operation Voltage: 5V-15V
Operation Current: ≤400ma

Working indicator: Blue
Input connector: RP-SMA Female (Outer thread - inner hole)
Output connector: SMA Female (Outer thread- inner pin)
Size: 62*32*10mm (without antenna,mount and power cable)
Weight: 36G (without antenna)

Designed for FPV, with small size, light weight, and heat dissipation.

Using a wide input voltage design, 5V-15 input can be.

Users can either use an external power supply, also can use the power supply come with transmitter .
CNC manufactured using aluminum alloy shell,play a good cooling effect,also play excellent shielding function.

Decrease interference


Working fever is a normal phenomenon, users do not worry.
Please assemble the antenna before powering on. 
User may need to solder the signal booster to original transmitter module.   
The product will require DIY modify skills and relative knowldge. Please confirm before purchasing.

Only after connecting the remote control, the blue LED will light.

The amplifier input through SMA high-frequency line accessing to remote control high-frequency output connectors or solder line inside remote control, the center stage is high-frequency signal, around is negative.

The amplifier output termination accessing to antenna, then connect the power input .

Special Note:

This amplifier suits the users who have some electronic knowledge base to DIYtransformation, it may require to open the Radio controller, drill holes, wiring and so on.

Please take it into account before purchase.

Package Included:
1 x 2.4G 2W Signal Booster
1 x Antenna
1 x Power Cable
1 x Connecting Cable

Effective pictures, Product do not include the Radio Controller or other accessories: