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HAKRC 40A 4in1 ESC 2-6S BLHeli-32 DSHOT1200 Ready Brushless Electronic Speed Controller 20x20mm for FPV Racing Drone Accessories


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DShot150/300/600/1200 Ready

It not only supports ordinary PWM throttle signal mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot ultra-high speed throttle signal, but also supports the latest DShot150/300/600/1200 digital throttle, with strong anti-interference ability and fast response. The input and output wires use soft silicone wires, which are very durable, resistant to high temperatures and convenient for welding.

Native support for BLHeli-32

Use BLHeli-32 firmware, which has powerful performance and rich functions; and supports multiple ways to set ESC parameters, or upgrade the ESC firmware (such as through the throttle signal cable, use other development boards, or use cleanflight or betaflight firmware to connect to the flight controller Set up or upgrade).



HAKRC HK32 BIT 60A 4 in 1 ESC

Working voltage: 2-6S

Maximum continuous working current: 40A

Maximum instantaneous working current: 45A

Support communication mode: DShot150/300/600/1200 PWM?Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot

Assistant Software: BLHeli 32

Firmware version: BL32.7

Installation hole distance: 20*20mm

Product size: 31*30*6mm

Packing size: 42*39*19mm

Product net weight: 6g

Package weight: 15g

High-quality hardware

STM32F051 main control chip, operating frequency up to 48MHz. Imported mosfet, three-in-one IC driver, imported high-quality high-frequency ceramic capacitors. In the high-end PCB production process, the pads are all metalized edging, so that you can avoid the pads from falling off during use; 3 ounces of copper thickness, 6-layer board, greatly reducing heat generation and higher efficiency.

Highly integrated, compact

It integrates 4 high-performance 40A ESCs, built-in galvanometers, and purchases a new advanced SMT. After such a high degree of integration, the volume is only the same size as the flight control of the rider, and the installation and wiring will become very simple. Such an incredible size and volume are tailor-made for competition-level crossovers.

Hardware PWM, Damped Light

The hardware PWM drives the motor with low noise and smoother throttle response. Damped Light technology, regenerative braking function, make the motor deceleration more sensitive and effective, and more precise control; active freewheeling technology, allow the battery to recover power and extend the battery life;




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