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HappyModel HC700R 32x Zoom Camera 1080P with DVR 64G SD Card Holder AV Signal Output Camera for RC Multirotor Airplane Drones


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Comes with an SD card holder, supports up to 64G SD card. 
High-definition recording,1080P 25 frames. 
Can be remote controlled its zoom, and start/stop recording.  
With AV signal output, can transmit signals through analog pictures.
Digital variable 32x autofocus camera. 
Power Supply : 12V
Net weight: 197g
Wiring definition:
- Blue : zoom pwm in  , for zoom control signal  
- Green : record pwm in, for video function switch 
- Yellow : AV out , for video signal output 
- Black : GND, for video ground 
- Red : vcc12v in , for 12v input power supply, positive wire
- Black : GND, for negative input power wire
Wiring method:
- The cyan wire connects to pmw port of receiver which need an external 5V power supply. The power wire must be connected with the negative port of camera input power wire, otherwise it would't be controlled if they are not in common GND.
-The yellow and black wire of camera should be in common GND with FPV transmitter, to prevent the situation of no signal.
- 12v power input for camera, can use 12V bec module.
-It will take about 20s to start the camera. When the picture appears, DO NOT press the record button after few seconds, till the internal background operation of the camera to complete the preparation.
-After it finished a recording, please wait 5 seconds to start a  new one or turn off it , it takes time to save the previous video, shut down too fast or start a new recording rapidly might make the previous video fail to save.
-To take out the video data from SD card should use a software of "Diskplayer" that produced by manufacturer. When insert SD card, you might be prompted you to format it, please do not format. Just open the software and find out the video document in  "idea 1", copy the video , change its file format to "AVI" and save it. Then you can watch the video by any player.
Package Included
1 x DVR Zoom Camera

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