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Hawkeye Little Pilot V2 Ultra Light Video Glasses 5.8G 48CH 800*480 Resolution 16:9/4:3 Adjustable for 5inch HD Display


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Item: Hawkeye Little Pilot  FPV goggles V2

Net weight: 255g
Size: 15*18*8cm
Resolution: 800*480
Display ratio: 16:9/4:3 adjustable
Working frequency: 5.8G
Sensitivity: -94db
Channel: 48CH
Response time: <10ms
DVR: 720*288 / 720*240 @ 50 / 60FPS
SD card: 8-32G C10
Lens magnification: 2.5
Format: NTSC / PAL adaptive
Voltage: 5-26v
Power Interface: Type-C / XT30
Video input/output: 3.5mm interface
Antenna required: SMA
Glasses limit: <4.8*18cm

1. Refraction design: prevent the screen light from directly hitting the eyes and play a protective role.
2. Refraction design: lengthen the sight distance, so that the eyes are not easy to fatigue. .
3. Refraction design: for short-sighted people, wearing glasses can also be convenient to wear.
4. The counterweight scheme is reasonable: the front end prevents the
screen, the back end is equipped with a Velcro to place the battery, the
front and rear weights are even, and the matching is not easy to
5. The small flying hand double receiving module, the receiving effect is good, the sensitivity is good.
6. Compared with displays, AR glasses have better first-view immersion
effects, but they will not cause dizziness and discomfort like goggles
and video glasses.
7. Built-in DVR, high frame rate video, DVR can be played back, easy to find the plane
8. High-definition 800*480, point-to-point analog signal, the image is clearer and more delicate
9. With a cooling fan, maintain a suitable internal temperature, and maintain performance for a long time


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