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Hobbywing 3 in 1 professional programming set box battery tester setting card for ESC FPV Drone Quadcopter


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Hobbywing 3 in 1 professional programming set box battery tester setting card for ESC FPV Drone 


Hobbywing latest; 3 and 1 set card

New lithium battery voltage test function, intuitive display 1-8s lithium battery voltage

   This programming box is used to set the parameters of the brushless electric tone produced by the surplus technology.

The LCD (LCD screen) interface is very intuitive and friendly, through which you can easily set all the parameters of the ESC.

In addition, it can also use its own USB interface to connect the ESC and personal computers, the online procedures for online updates.

Set box compact and portable, very suitable for use in the field.

       This 3-in-1 professional programming box for good surplus Technology Co., Ltd. production of the following products:

        Lithium battery electric display test
        XERUN series models brushless electric (V2.0 and higher)
        EZRUN series of mold-type brushless ESC (V2.0 and higher)
        PLATINUM series of empty mold brushless ESC


1 working mode

1.1 as a separate device to set the ESC parameters: directly use the built-in LCD display ESC parameters, set the box by pressing the button to set the parameters;
2.2 as a USB adapter to connect the transfer and personal computer: the use of PC software to achieve the program update and parameter settings;
 3. New lithium battery voltage test function, direct visual display 1-8s lithium battery voltage
2 product specifications
2.1 Size: 90mm (length) * 51mm (width) * 17mm (thick);
2.2 Weight: 84g;
2.3 input voltage: 4.5V-6.0V (when the ESC itself does not have BEC output, the need for a separate battery pack for the set box power supply);
3 Adjust the parameter item
A. Vehicle model parameters
3.1 Running Mode
3.2 Drag Brake Force
3.3 battery voltage protection threshold (Low voltage cut-off)
3.4 Start mode
3.5 Brake Force
3.6 Maximum Reverse Force (Reverse Force)
3.7 initial brake force (Initial brake force)
3.8 throttle neutral point regional width (Neutral range)
3.9 Timing
3.10 Over-heat protection
3.11 motor rotation direction (Motor Rotation)
3.12 lithium battery section (Lipo Cells)
B. Paltinum series of empty mode parameters of the project
3.1 Brake
3.3 Battery type (Battery Type)
3.3 Battery Low Voltage Protection Mode (Low Voltage Cutoff Mode)
3.4 low voltage protection threshold (Low Voltage Cutoff Threshold)
3.5 Start Mode
3.6 Timing
3.7 Governor mode
3.8 Motor Type
3.9 PWM frequency (PWM frequency)
3.10 BEC output (Built-in BEC Output)
3.11 motor load adaptation (Motor Load)
3.12 lithium battery section (Lipo Cells