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Hobbywing EzRun Max6- / Max5 V3 160A / 200A Speed Controller Waterproof Brushless ESC for 1/6 1/5 RC Car


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EzRun MAX 5, MAX 6 series of new products, mainly are suitable for 1/ 5th and 1/ 6th proportion Bigfoot cars, flat cars, trucks, SUVs and other models.
Features : 
1) extremely sophisticated materials, combined with overcurrent protection and patented capacitive temperature real-time monitoring and protection features to ensure power transfer ultra-high reliability and durability;
2) extremely strong power output, firmness and flexibility, and acting freely;
3) Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, all-weather road running.
4) the industry's first built-in maximum output current up to 25A, the output voltage can be switched (6V / 7.2V) Super BEC, easy to drive high torque servos, so that control more arbitrary;
5) advanced electronic switch, the service life of up to 50,000 times, to avoid the traditional mechanical switches rust and malfunction;
6) Built-in ignition circuit, when using a higher voltage (5-8S) effective protection of the battery free of spark plug erosion;
7) broad applicability. MAX6 ESC can be used for a variety of 1 / 6th of models and 1 / 7th (such as the Traxxas XO-1) and other ultra-high-speed racing car, but also for heavy load 1 / 8th vehicles (such as CEN GST-E), is a high-end violent ideal configuration of power; MAX5 power transfer for the HPI BAJA, Losi 5IVE  1 / 5th vehicles CEN Matrix5 to provide the best power (ESC) upgrade program.
8) ESC firmware can be updated online, always enjoy the latest features;
9) minimal routine maintenance work, in addition to the fan, the basic maintenance of the product.
MAX6-V3 -160A ( Not include Battery  Plug)
Specification :
1. for 1/6 RC Car 
2. Battery : 3-8S Lipo ,Built in BEC  
3. Con . Current  : 160A/ 1050A
4. BEC Output : 6V / 7.2V
5 size : 70x 56x 47 mm : Weight : 240g
6. suit for Motor KV : 6S Lipo 5892 size Motor ,KV ≤ 1500 ; 8S Lipo 5892 Size Motor ,KV ≤ 1200
MAX 5A- V3  200A 
Specification :
Continuous / peak current ; 200A / 1300A
Brushless motor types :  without a sense of support / Thoughts brushless motor (work only in non-inductive mode)
Support the number of cells : 9-24 Cells NiMH, 3-8S Lipo
Adaptation of the motor  KV :  8S: 58110 Motor Size KV≤1000 
BEC output :  6V / 7.2V adjustable, 6A
Parameter setting fan connector port
Size : (93.35 * 58.12 * 47.81mm)
Weight : 342g
Programmatically Set button, LED settings box, LCD programming box
Programmable item 11
Switch type  : electronic switch
Capacitance over temperature protection support
Applicable models : high-end entertainment models 1/5